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Nullification Sphere
Name Nullification Sphere
Kanji 無効化球
Range All Ranges
Type Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Classification Ninjutsu, Kinjutsu
Chakra Nature Yin-Yang Release
User(s) Ryūken Senju

Ryūken can create a black sphere made of Yin-Yang Release chakra. This sphere is said to be indestructible.


Nullification Sphere is a n unique variant of the Yin–Yang Release nature transformation, it works on the same principle as Creation of All Things, initially involving the administration of imagination, and the spiritual energy which forms the basis of Yin chakra to create physical forms from nothingness. Then, through the application of vitality, and the physical energy which forms the basis of Yang chakra, he would exert form to the sphere. The sphere is indestructible and being made up of Yin-Yang Release it can essentially nullify all forms of chakra, chakra use and can render ninjutsu completely useless. Since, it completely absorbs chakra when used on a human being it would forcibly take out every drop of chakra inside him, resulting in a slow and painful death.


  • It has been reported that, this technique can also render Genjutsu useless.
  • Same weakness as any other Yin-Yang technique.

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