"Not even fate knows their future.."

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Katashi was taking a small stroll outside of Karasugakure to clear up his mind. He was wearing his normal goggles where people can't see in but he can see out so he always has his Sharingan activated to the the chakra of people. He had his swords on him as he was looking for a good hunt to take place and have a nice meal tonight. He has no entered the mountainous forest region but found himself to be in the middle of an open area that was flat enough for a battle. "Maybe I should make a little arena for future tournaments." Katashi thought to himself as he surveyed the area.

"Senju Hizashi" the note said on Hizashi's door he noticed it was a seal on the note that he could only open. "Release!" he says weaving the release hand seal as the note transforms into a letter in a poof of smoke, it read. "Hizashi Senju, you have been elected and promoted to a Jonin Officer of the Leaf, which means that in future possible altercations with other villages or force, you will be responsible for commanding the troops in you division until other orders. You will also be present in military meetings and village council meeting, Congratulations, for your first mission, you have to go to a new village called Karasugakure. The directions are on the back of the note, good luck.

Hizashi received that note 2 days ago and is now in the village hidden in the crows. "An odd village, its a lot of crows here for sure." Hizashi says walking around the village.

Katashi had reentered the village, wiping his mouth off from the meal he had from hunting. The ninja guards that greeted him and Katashi had greeted them back as he entered the village. Looking around he noticed a Chakra that was unfamiliar with him so he had instantly got on guard and traced the chakra sorce down. Once he had caught up he jumped in front of the unknown shinobi and asked, "Why are you here and what is your purpose?" with a stern voice, not wanting the village to be under threat.

"I'm on a mission from Konohagakure, I'm sorry if your not a jonin or higher up shinobi of the village then I cannot tell you the detail of the mission I am on." Hizashi responds with a stern voice as well looking at Katashi.

Katashi staid silent for a few seconds than changed his tone of voice. "Why Konoha Shinobi. I'm sorry but I have an illness that has taken my eye sight and any light does give me a headache." Katashi had lied to Hizashi to keep his identity a secret. "But don't get me wrong, I have already locked onto your scent and have surrounded you with it remotely. So if you are a type of threat than I can easily tell what your body is doing and even perfectly imitate it if I so wish." Katashi explained as he used that to explain his Sharingan. "I am also the head ninja of Karasugakure, so how may I help you? I was not aware of a mission involving us."

"Ok, well I am a representative of the leaf, I have been sent to discuss military here and future military alliances maybe if needed. They also wanted me to look at your training methods for academy students, and as a for being a new village, a supply of weapons." Hizashi said

Katashi gives a slight smile and tilts his head. "Well I just don't give that information up so easily. But I'll make you a deal, we have a little spar to see how strong the Konoha force is. If I think you're strong enough I will share information and from there we can make out an alliance." Katashi than hold out his hand. "What do you say?" He asked, waiting for Hizashi to shake his hand.

"Errr, ok I guess, even thought I wasn't expecting to fight." Hizashi says as he shakes Katashi's hand.

Katashi had quickly traveled to the open area he had found earlier in that day. Once he had reached the location he turned around to face Hizashi. "I was thinking of making this an area for an arena. So we can fight here all we want because it will have to be flatten some more for the building. Now, lets see what Konoha has." Katashi told Hizashi as he got into a fighting stance.

Hizashi goes to the spot where Katashi was and says, "Ya know, I really ain't the one to initiate a fight, so if you on't mind, I would like you to attack me first." Hizashi says just standing there looking at Katashi. "Hmm, why is he still wearing those glasses, I would surly appreciate it if he took them off." Hizashi says to himself.

Katashi smirks. "Well in that case." Katashi says as he starts to run towards Hizashi with his Katana withdrawn and once he gets close enough he cocks the sword up to do a downwards slash.

Hizashi sidesteps dodging the attack and grabs the hilt of his sword, pulling Katashi with one hand forward. He then meets the movement forward with a cocked back punch coming straight for Katashi's face with enough force to break his nose and whatever other bone in the face.

Using his own Sharingan, Katashi had used his had to push the punch aside by pushing the wrist but had kept the force of the punch going. As he did, he brought up with knee and since Hizashi had already put force into the punch than it made it much harder for him to dodge it. Katashi had also used his amazing speed to do the counter attack in one swift movement.

Hizashi was hit by the knee, but since his skin was tough and he had hard bones, the impact wasn't that bad. Hizashi then comes back with a punch to the gut after being hit by the knee, since they were only inches or shorter away, it would be difficult to evade it even with his sharingan.

Katashi was watching Hizashi's movements and with his Sharingan he had predicted what he was going to do. ANd with Katashi's speed, before Hizashi could even get a full punch Katashi had pushed himself awayf from Hizashi by pushing with his hand onto Hizashi's side. Katashi put his sword back and got into a stance, "I see how strong you are in Taijutsu, how about Ninjutsu?" Katashi had asked.

"Ninjutsu huh, hmm, I hardly ever get out done against someone in ninjutsu." Hizashi then slams his hand into the ground, a few seconds later, an uprising of lightning came from the ground under Katashi.

Katashi had seen the chakra of the technique with his Sharingan and simply sidestepped to dodge the technique. "That isn't very powerful now Konoha Shinobi. Remember, I can sense chakra so you need to use something I wouldn't be able to dodge. If you hit me once, than I will share information." Katashi had told Hizashi but lied with such confidence about the chakra sensing.

"If I hit you with something you can't dodge, you will die." Hizashi says as he punches the ground causing a massive crater to be formed.

"Don't worry about it. I can take even the most deadly technique." Katashi said as he created a blue cone onto his finger. "This is my main technique, lets see who's stronger?" Katashi asked.

"This dude is crazy, if I use my strongest technique it will blow up this entire field and maybe even part of the village, it would surely kill him. I didn't want to just straight up use this technique Kakashi, but seems that I have to, that technique doesn't seem problematic, but looks can be deceiving." Hizashi says in his head. "Ok, I will." Hizashi says to Katashi as he weaves hand signs. He holds his right hand with his left and a spark of lightning comes out, then chakra and last, lightning everywhere. Hizashi then says, "Ok, well are you ready?"

Katashi grins, "Lets do this." he said as his body starts to move at an extremely fast pace that even the Sharingan has trouble following it. Though due to his training he has the ability to see things clearly when using the Konyubi. "What will you do!" as he is half way towards Hizashi.

Since the Lightning Cutter required to have a great amount of speed which Hizashi had, Hizashi rushes towards Katashi as well, though not with the same amount of speed. He then cocks back the arm with the Lightning Cutter to contend against Katashi's cone technique.

"What speed for such size." Katashi had stated in him mind. Since Katashi's Sharingan was activated he used his free hand to punch Hizashi's wrist that was wielding the Lightning Cutter up so he wouldn't be hit by the technique. Than with his Konyubi he jolted forward and aimed the cone right at Hizashi's neck. Before he had stabbed Hizashi in the neck, Katashi grabbed his wrist that had the Lightning Blade to stop Hizashi from going any more forward. The Konyubi is now up against Hizashi's neck and grinned, "You have done well Konoha Shinobi, I shall share some secrets with you." Katashi tells Hizashi.

Using his free hand, Hizashi grabs Kitashi's hand that had the Konyubi, even though it had enhanced speed, it was linear and went up towards his neck, so grabbing in the area of path, Hizashi was able to grab a hold of Katashi's hand and point it to the left a little away from his neck. It was basically a negation of techniques.

Since Katashi had his Sharingan activated, he simply pointed the Konyubi downwards and aimed it at Hizashi's hand. Since Hizashi wouldn't have time to react Katashi had pierced Hizashi's hand right in the middle of the palm. "Do you yield?" Katashi asked as the Lightning Cutter would start to die off from the piercing of the Konyubi disrupting Hizashi's chakra.

Hizashi analyzed what Katashi said before, and what just happen, his reflexes were keen. And he could react to something that was less than a foot away, Hizashi says, "No, I don't yield Uchiha." Hizashi says as he grabs the hand of Katashi's that pierced his hand as soon as he had pierced his hand. Hizashi had a lot of resilience, so the pain didn't really affect him. He had a very tight grip on the hand of Katashi, Hizashi brings his other hand back and infuses it with Chakra Enhanced Strength and says, "If I hit you, you will die, do you Yield Uchiha?"

Katashi grinned and with his speed he backed up while doing some movements to get out of Hizashi's grip. "Well well Konoha Shinobi." Katashi said as he made the Tiger Hand Seal. "I can easily take you out!" he shouted as the Pain in Hizashi's hand amplifies by a great amount. He then throws a Shuriken directly at Hizashi's head. He then makes a few hand signs and holds his hand down to the ground as lightning started to originate from it. Two shadow clones than appear next to him with the Lightning Cutter as well. "What will you do Konoha Shinobi?" he asked as he waits for Hizashi to make a movement.

His pain resilience was good, he felt the amplification, but it didn't disturb him that much, he ducks from the shuriken and looks at Katashi. "Take me out you say, at first this was a little sparing match, but I'm not just a Konoha shinobi, if you know the background of your clan then you should know that I come from a clan that battled your Uchiha clan many times." Hizashi says as he weaves a few hand signs and at the same time kneads chakra in his stomach. "Though, if you are talking about trying to take me out, I assume that means kill me, I won't hold back if thats what you mean, So I ask you Uchiha, are you sure that you want yo do this.?"

Katashi sees the chakra building up into Hizashi's stomach. "A Senju eh?" Katashi commented. "To be honest I don't want to fight to the death. My family came here so they can have peace and not worry about fighting. But if I let you go, you'll tell Konoha and I can't let my village be at risk, so now, I must finish you." Katashi said as he and his clones prepared to assault Hizashi.

"I have no reason to tell if the reason to you did nothing wrong, and you had no control over you being here. I have no personal dislike for the uchiha unless they did something to harm my friends or the village. But if you don't trust me and you try to take me out here, then I have no choice but to kill you in protection of my life." Hizashi says as his eyes went to a dead serious look.

"We shall see." Katashi says as he deactivates the Lightning Cutter and dismiss the two shadow clones, regaining that chakra back. Katashi grins as he throws yet another shuriken and waits for Hizashi's next move.

Hizashi instead takes out his Ōdachi and slices clean through the shuriken. He then thinks to himself, "I can't make eye contact with him." Hizashi then waits for his attack.

Katashi takes out his Katana from his back and notices that Hizashi wasn't making eye contact. "So you know of the Sharingan, eh? Well that doesn't matter." Katashi told Hizashi. He then starts to run towards Hizashi with great speed, having his sword cocked back.

Hizashi then sheaths his sword and looks at Katashi's body, and waits until he gets closer. He puts his hand on the hilt of his sword and starts to infuse chakra into his sword.

When Katashi saw the chakra being infused he started to do the same. Once he got close enough he did a downward slash while on the ground, aiming for Hizashi's neck.

What Katashi didn't realize was that Hizashi was infusing Lightning Release chakra into his blade, when Katashi was coming down with his slash, Hizashi does Lightning Quick Draw right at Katashi in close range. The wave of lightning moved at lightning speed, even with the sharingan, at that range, no one would be able to dodge it. Also with his extended range of his Odaichi the blade would also hit Katashi.

Since Katashi could predict Hizashi's movements, he had ducked while sliding, not realizing that a technique was going to occur, so he had been cut a little on his hand. While he was sliding he slashed his sword towards Hizashi's hand with great speed while he was doing the Quick Draw technique. He then slid back onto his feet straight up as he started to run towards Hizashi again, doing all of this in one swift movement.

The Lightning Quick Draw gave off a bolts of lightning, three of them went downward as the wave was created hitting Katashi while he was in his sliding motion. The lightning would cause that much damage, but he would be temporarily paralyzed and his nervous system might be messed up. Katashi's Katana slashes Hizashi's hand, but with Hizashi's tough skin, it only makes a minor cut. Then very swiftly, Hizashi does a spin, keeping his sword at waist level to try and cut Katashi. Hizashi's movements were way faster than before, the reason being was when he weaved the hand signs, he used Senju-Sarutobi Will Technique and activated it when he went for the Lightning Quick Draw. Now that it was activated, his speed, strength, reflexes and stamina were increased.

Katashi had moved in such a way that only the tip of his hand was caught by a bolt, quickly paralyzing his hand for a few seconds. Katashi was able to see Hizashi's movements with clarity and positioned his sword where Hizashi's would slide off and Katashi jumped to the side. "What a weird technique." Katashi said as he jumped back. He weaved the same hand seals and used the same technique, "Why not make use of the Sharingan?" he had asked.

"He is fast, I know what I need to do." Hizashi says to himself. He then charges the chakra that increases his strength and stamina, and converts most of it to his speed and reflexes. He was still in the technique, but they would be focus on those to skills. Then he puts pressure on the ground, and darts over towards Katashi, he moved so fast that the pressure he put on the ground caused a small crater the size of a basketball. Within less than 2 seconds, he was just 2 feet from Katashi and with his sword swinging towards him.

Katashi had suddenly disappeared. He was nowhere to be found until he had came back but along with him three clones had also came to circle Hizashi but with incredible speed, no longer using the Senju-Sarutobi technique. This speed was from raw ability and all withdrew their swords. Than they all ran right at Hizashi in an irregular pattern. One plunges straight forward behind Hizashi, two had done a side slash on the sides of Hizashi and one in front of him is doing a downward slash. But as they where doing the sword slashes, Hizashi would have got a bit dizzy from the distracting movements, looking as though there is an image being left behind. The surrounding area had also been getting heated up as though someone had lit the forest on fire.

With his increased reflexes, Hizashi could see every movement around him, Hizashi just slams his hand into the ground and uses Lightning Release: Lightning Uprooting Technique, the lightning would paralyze the clones. He then does a quick spin with his sword slicing through all the clones and coming at Katashi, while funneling lighting release chakra into his blade.

The clones could easily see the lightning travel across the top of the ground and also felt the very slight vibrations they have off but they where so fast that they where already right next to Hizashi with their sword literally being a milisecond away from Hizashi's body and about to pierce every major body part in his body. The clones had bent their bodies so they wouldn't be hit by the Uprooting Technique. Without the precises movements, Hizashi would be pierced but if he also didn't move he would be pierced in a vital organ, one for each sword.

Lightning doesn't just travel in one straight path, when the lightning came up, it curved to where it would strike everyone of the clones and Katashi paralyzing them momentarily. Lightning was faster than that millisecond and with their bodies already bent in a way to avoid the predicted path, they wouldn't be able to dodge the lightning. That moment was enough time for Hizashi to do a spin a cut destroy all the clones with his sword, now he his spinning towards Katashi with lightning infused into his sword.

The clones where destroyed but they where all gone and it seemed as though he was not part of the group of clones. Hizashi had suddenly stopped spinning as he found a sword piercing through his heart. As the sword was covered in blood, the sky started to turn red. The blood from the sword had started to turn into a physical shape and soon turned into a stake. Right after multiple others had came down piercing his body all around. Hizashi's eyes where forced open to see that Katashi with a sword up to his face. The spikes had dug more into his body, restricting his movement to absolutely nothing. Katashi had increased the amount of pain that the spikes gave by at lease 3 fold, even causing Hizashi agonizing pain even if he had great pain resistance. "What will you do now?" Katashi had asked as black misty tentacles started to appear behind his head and grew bigger and had such a deep black that it hurt to look at.

The Genjutsu had first started when Katashi was using his Konyubi and through the nature of swift movements and pointing at the opponent he had used Ephemeral. He had trapped Hizashi within the Genjutsu right before he had stabbed him in the hand. And as he knew that Hizashi was in the Genjutsu, Katashi forcibly moved his body up straight with his eyes close to keep the Genjutsu going. Though Katashi had hid a secret surprise that would give him the upper hand.

"What the hell, when did I get put into this genjutsu." Hizashi says as he tries to breakout, he tries to increase his chakra but it doesn't work, at that moment the spikes started to dig more into his body. Then he release a spark of lightning but that doesn't work either. At that moment Katashi increased the pain, and the tentacles started to come out, although he was strong, the pain was too much. Hizashi's heart started to beat rapidly, he tries one more time to get out with another spark of lightning equivalent to the lightning emitted from Chidori, but that get him nowhere. Hizashi then starts to go in cardiac arrest because of the pain. "Is this how I will die, Konoha, I'm sorry." Hizashi says as his eyes close and his chakra slowly starts to diminish.

The tentacles start to form into a larger version of Katashi into a Human looking figure that covers Hizashi's vision and in the corner of his eye an Arm starts to come out and surround his body. The hand then grips down onto Hizashi, not only making it feel like his body is being crushed but it had also pushed the spikes down even farther until the met inside his body. When the spikes start to touch each other they crush on each other, spreading pieces of the spikes in Hizashi's body making the pain much worse and putting even more fear into his mind. The hand of the figure had squeezed so much that it would of felt that every bone in Hizashi's body would have been broken to dust along with his organs being mixed together and bursting open due to the pressure.

Katashi and Hizashi had found themselves back in the real world to find it being night time in the pitch black with the only source of light i was a small part of the moon. This would have cause sever brain trauma due to the body feeling the time rush to him and still having the pain of the Genjutsu, the mind being tricked a great amount and couldn't be normally ignored. Katashi had staggered a small bit but quickly got straight up. The Konyubi he had was still on his finger but was starting to dim as though Katashi couldn't keep full chakra flow to the technique. He then points at Hizashi with the blue cone. "Sorry Konoha Shinobi. But I have to protect those who are dear to me and that of my village. I couldn't risk you snitching so therefore I am deeply sorry. I could take your memory but my body is to strained for that technique." Katashi had told Hizashi as a final word to him. He then released the Konyubi from his finger that had traveled at an amazing speed even though Katashi had experienced some strain on his body.

Once the Konyubi had touched Hizashi's back, it made the wound instantly deep for easy access to the heart. The cone had quickly pierced the heart and made it explode as the Konyubi had done. Katashi had fallen to his knees and summoned one big lizard with a sword and some armour. It quickly restraint Hizashi as Katashi told it to bring the body to the holding chambers for the village scientist to examine it. The lizard picks up the body with one hand as they carried Katashi on their shoulder. "You fought well Konoha Shinobi, I just wish that I would have learned your name." Katashi whispers as he closes his eye's slowly, deactivating the Sharingan from exhaustion on his own body.

Hizashi heart stopped beating even before the rest of the genjutsu was completed, the pain was too great and his chakra diminished, he was basically dead. In the real world, as soon Katashi's Konyubi was about to contact him, a spark of lightning and fire came out of Hizashi. Hizashi opens his eyes, and the Konyubi hit the armor and clashed on the outside of it and bursts. Hizashi then starts to walk towards Katashi. "I don't know who you are, but judging from that technique, you just tried to kill me, I don't like that, now you will pay." Hizashi says, as he balds his fist up.

In the genjutsu world when he caused those sparks of lightning, they were used to escape. To do this he was using Lightning Release: Vibration of 1000 Earthquakes, but since his heart was about to stop, and also because of the genjutsu, those sparks of lightning started to build up all around the body, but laid dormant. In the real world as his chakra diminished, those small traces of lightning stayed in his body as small chakra sources, so if Katashi's sharingan would only see the greater chakra and not the smaller chakra. So when his chakra finally was suppose to diminish in the real world, those restraints released causing his heart to jolt back up and throughout his whole body. The fire source of the technique just came from Hizashi regaining a little of his chakra when he came back.

Since Katashi couldn't fully use the Susanoo Genjutsu he had a little more chakra than he would if he finished the technique. Katashi was brought into the real world and backed up as he ripped his goggles off. "You got some old heart Konoha Shinobi." Katashi says. Since it was day in the Genjutsu and now night it would have done some brain trauma but with that Hizashi's mind would have kept the mind as though the Genjutsu was real since it seems as he has no experience in Genjutsu itself. Due to Katashi's skill in Genjutsu the exhaustion from the techniques used in the Genjutsu would feel as though it happened in real life. Katashi had pointed the Konyubi right at Hizashi, "What will you do Senju?" he asked before shooting the Konyubi.

Hizashi then just lets it hit him, but it hit his armor and dispersed, showing that the armor was stronger than the technique. "Hmm, don't even bother trying to put me in another genjutsu like that, I can tell you just about out of chakra, you won't be able to put me in a genjutsu let alone use that technique again. And you saw what happened when that technique hit my armor, so that is of no use as well. My memory is starting to come back Katashi Uchiha." Hizashi says as he makes a shadow clone, the shadow clone weaves the release hand sign to break Hizashi of any genjutsu he was in if he was in one. "My turn to attack now." Hizashi then starts to spin around.

Katashi didn't shoot the Konyubi as he was only ready to shoot it and never did. Instead he had withdrew the chakra from the Konyubi and pulls out his sword. "Well, our bodies are a little tired but we both should have a good amount of chakra left." Katashi had said as he points his sword right at Hizashi's head and stays aware of the original and the clone.

The Clone weaves the release hand sign again to be sure that Hizashi wasn't in a genjutsu. As Hizashi was spinning, flames with lightning start to extend in a vortex around Hizashi, all the while this was happening, Hizashi moves towards Katashi. The fire and lightning chakra then extends even further around Hizashi and towards Katashi as Hizashi spins more and more. And again, the clone weaves the release hand sign.

Due to Hizashi using Lightning to pump back up his heart he was at risk. When he had used another lightning technique an image had flashed before his eyes of the spikes digging into his body. From that brain trauma had caused his body to remember that moment and react it which caused the lightning being pumped to his heart gain. But from him using lightning before on himself in such a way his muscles are directly damaged and Hizashi was paralyzed. Watching from his Sharingan Katashi had flown Chakra into a Kunai and threw it directly at Hizashi's head. The chakra had pierced the Armour directly into his head. The Kunai was also thrown at an incredible speed that would have been hard for him to even follow. When the Kunai reached Hizashi it had killed him and dispersed the clone within the process. "Well Konoha Shinobi. You can no longer hurt my village." he whispered before picking up the body and dragging it to Tokudan.

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