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Name Noboru
Kanji ノボル
Romanji Noboru
Personal Status
Home Country Land of Rice Fields
Affiliation Otogakure
Occupation Biochemist
Nature Type Nature Icon Wind Wind Release (presumed)
Jutsu Otogakure Symbol Resonating Echo Drill
Otogakure Symbol Whistle Encampment Wall
Poison Mist
Medical Teams Symbol Mystical Palm Technique
Weapons Senbon

""To learn," replied Noboru as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. "Isn't knowledge a power unto itself? And I dearly wish to know how you have accomplished the very thing Orochimaru-sama wants to badly, Raiden-sama. You can keep from dying.""

Noboru is a biochemical scientist of Otogakure, and a minor leader there after Kabuto's demise.


With as heavy a background in the chakra sciences as his own, Noboru is fascinated with a certain shinobi's reanimation technique, one that appears to have the user truly die and yet live on. To this end, he has appeared to offer them incentives to join Oto, as well as become a "test subject."

During battles under his command, Noboru has rarely involved himself in battle, instead watching the proceedings "like a shogi match."

It was the only way he retained his power: insisting on performing his experiments alone. Noboru's skill and knowledge of biological chemistry allowed Orochimaru to take an enzyme that had previous been unstable and massproduce it among young humans. And if no one else had his knowledge, Orochimaru could not afford to get rid of him. This one experiment—and anything Noboru subsequently discovered about that man—was subject to Orochimaru's study. But, it was a fair price to pay to see if the man could live through his own dissection.



Noboru is skilled in Genjutsu and illusions, but since he prefers to use little chakra, reproduces the effect using chemical agents. An example is a single hallucinogenic, not soluble in water, that he can scatter around an area. As simple a move as splashing into a puddle could get the agent onto the target's skin and then into their bloodstream. This particular agent can cause extremely vivid hallucinations, to the point where the target cannot tell what is real and what is not in their fevered waking dream. A particular test subject recalls his own experience involving Noboru's visage instantly morphing into Orochimaru's in the time it took him to blink, and Noboru began to "speak" in the man's voice.

"Keiji looked back at Noboru, but suddenly it wasn't a short-haired Oto shinobi grinning back at him. Instead, his hair hung in long, limp locks around his face, and his eyes narrowed to yellow slits at Keiji. How was Orochimaru able to appear so suddenly? Maybe he had been using this Noboru for his next body, and had just now decided to reveal himself in the presence of his former prize?"
— an Otogakure Shinobi under the influence of a hallucinogen

Chemical AgentsEdit

""The temperature of your blood should be rising," continued Noboru. "Soon, you'll feel feverish, until your entire body is consumed with flames without my having to touch you.""

Noboru uses multiple chemical agents on the tips of his trademark senbon, and at some points even uses special senbon with chemical agents inside them. At one point, he made as if to stab a chakra manifestation with his senbon, implying he can introduce chemicals through chakra.

Physical ProwessEdit

Noboru is decently skilled in the area of martial arts, often wielding metal senbon in close combat. Being made out of metal, instead of wood, made them more similar to medicinal needles. He is also ambidextrous, striking equally off of both sids.


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