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Tobirama Senju

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Flying Thunder God Slash
False Mangekyō Sharingan!
Name False Mangekyō Sharingan!
Rank D
Hand Seals Confrontation
Range All
Type Supplemental
Classification Genjutsu
Chakra Nature N/A
Parent jutsu Ninja Art: False Sharingan!
Derived jutsu Ninja Art: False Tsukuyomi!
User(s) Haruka


A technique that makes it appear as if she has activated the Mangekyo Sharingan however, it has no effect like it's parent except intimidation though if activated without first activating the Ninja Art: False Sharingan! then it's affect is the same. This technique however is ordinarily used as a combo to allow her to use Ninja Art: False Tsukuyomi!

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