"I The Sage Of Six Paths better known as TrueShinobi give others the power to maintain this site. They are called the Kages and each will have their unique abilities to better maintain our Wiki. I Am the Great Sage, and now i grant you 5 the title of Kage.TrueShinobi"


We are the 5 Kage

NOTICE: This system is currently being revised by the joint effort of the bureaucrats Boredfan1 aka The Hokage and SageOfDespair aka True Shinobi/The Sage of the Six Paths. There is currently no date set for when it will be finished so please be patient.

Naruto Fanon-Central follows the kage system of administration in which has proven to be effective Naruto Fanon-Central will follow a different approach to the administration system that only Naruto Fanon and Naruto Fandom possess. We follow the Kage approach in which each admin will take the title of a certain Kage. At any certain time we will have 6 main admins and some others with lower levels of importance and duties. Each admin will be assigned to a village and become its kage. They will each have their own responsibilities assigned to them and will only have power in their own jurisdiction. They will also be able to take on apprentices who can possess admin like power but limited.

While I, The Sage of Six Paths will have power in all forms, and only i will have say in the final decisions of our matters. Every Two months depending on how well we do, i will shift positions so on Kage will have a chance to become another changing their duties. This will be done so one will not be able to develop to much power, and it will balance out our system. All admins will have to follow the policies that are put in place and have no immunity towards it. We are here to make sure this site stays healthy and doesn't follow its sister sites in the mistakes they made.

Power of the Kages

The power i represent as the Sage of Six Paths is grand and i have more authority then anybody else on this site. I the founder will be the only one who will be able to take on this title, no one can be promoted to this level. I will serve as the Head-Admin and will be the one who gives out administration level abilities out to those who will become the Kages. It is my duty to see that all admins are carrying out their own duties as well as not abusing their powers. I'm also the one who is in charge of assigning which admin will be which Kage and will tell them the limit of their powers.

I'm also the one who makes the final decisions to any ideas the admins have, and if all the admins vote on it i have the power to veto it. All policies that are created have to go through me first then if i decided i will let the policy go into effect. Unlike the Kages who can only stay within their jurisdiction and cant do another admins job, I can when i want or need to so pretty much i have the duties of all admins as well as my own.

Whenever i seem it is necessary i will shift positions of the admins so they can have the chance to perform a new set of duties and have even more experience. This will also prevent one from gaining to much power which could happen if they stay in the same seat of power for to long. The order in which the positions will shift will be Tsuchikage-> Raikage-> Mizukage-> Kazekage-> Hokage and the Hokage will shift to the Tsuchikage.

I will try and do this every 2 months so we can keep it constantly flowing, although depending on the circumstances i might keep the positions the same for a longer amount of time. The Reason i allow the positions to shift in this order is that those who start off with less responsibility can move up on he latter. With each shift they move up their duties also become greater and more important. This allows them to gain more experience overtime.


The Kages each have their own unique duties which are solely theirs and the others can only interfere with permission or unless under intense circumstances. Each Kage will have control of the fanon version of their villages. Since this site for the most part is after the events of Naruto they will have to deal with what the future of the villages are. They will each have to control their village as if it was real, they decided what happens to it in this fanon.and without any further ado, The five Admin Kages are:

The Hokage (火影; Literally meaning "Fire Shadow") of Konohagakure - Boredfan1
The Kazekage (風影; Literally meaning "Wind Shadow") of Sunagakure - User:SageOfDespair
The Mizukage (水影; Literally meaning "Water Shadow") of Kirigakure - Na'Jorne
The Raikage (雷影; Literally meaning "Lightning Shadow") of Kumogakure - Na'Jorne
The Tsuchikage (土影; Literally meaning "Earth Shadow") of Iwagakure - ISavage

  • Hokage:Banning/PermaBanning

The Duty of the Hokage is to deal with the banning of other users and unbanning of them. The Hokage is also the only one who can directly ban IP addresses as well a Permanent bans. This is their main power and as such other admins must send him the request to ban a user as well as the reason why. If he doesn't see it is the right thing to do he can simply not do it. The Hokage can only ban if the a user breaks the policies several times and breaks the rules.

For those who are banned by other admins, he can give them a trial at a later date which he will then unban them temporarily in which he will put them on trial. This will consist of him and the one who banned him and the admin will be the prosecutor while the defendant will try to explain their actions and try to fix the problem.

If they succeed they will be given a warning and will be put on probation in which they will be constantly watched by the Hokage's bodyguards. However if their found completely guilty they will be banned forever with no chance to return. Other admins have the power to ban temporarily under some circumstances such as if the Hokage is not around, its an emergency power all admins have.

At this time when the Hokage returns he will send the banned user a message saying they will be put on trail at a certain date. Trials are only used when a ban is issued from another admin, but if the reason why the ban is obvious such as extreme profanity and verbal abuse a trial doesn't have to be held. Other admins can only auto block which means they can block a user but only for a bit until the Hokage arrives, this is only allowed as a last resort in order to save the site from any damage.

  • Kazekage:Content Control/Kage Adviser

The Kazekage is responsible for one of the most important duties of this site. Their power is to come up with policies which can better our site. These policies can be anywhere from temporarily taking out a Kekkei Genkai for good reason. It only revolves around Content Policies and does not go any further into the main rules of the site. All policies created before this new system will be grandfathered in as long as they had an official page.

He must run these policies by the sage while its in its final stages of creation, this is to keep them from having to much power in the rules. From there the Sage can eiter accept the policy being reviewed or Veto it, from this point if the Kazekage can get all members here to approve of it, it will break my veto and be put into an official policy.

He will make the templates for the tags, he is in charge of making the templates for each violation policy we have. That way when he places it on a page the user will know automatically which problem their facing and how they can fix it before things get out of hand.

Each week he will go through whats called a 'Sand Shower" which essentially is the Kazekage going through the history and deleted pages which break major violations, cleansing our site of useless material we don't need. He has the power to delete pages automatically but only if their violating many policies and are to damaged to be fixed. Though it is not enforced it is recommended that he still places a tag on their page for the policies it violates. As well as leaving a comment on its talk page to discuss it even further.

Or leaving a message on the users wall telling them of what has happened. The Kazekage has the authority to auto block a user who severely breaks the rules, such as trollers or if they use profane language against the Kage. In this case after the ban he will have to tell the Hokage immediately if not online at the time. Thought this should only be used as a last resort, and is the Hokage is online its better to have him work with you and let him do his job.

  • Mizukage:Grammer Hound/Main Page Editor

The Mizukage unlike the other two Kages from above, duties are not as demanding as the Hokages, and Kazekages. Don't get me wrong the duties they have are as important, they just don't require one to block other users or get into arguments with them. The main duty of the Mizukage is to enforce proper grammar being used in pages. Also their duty is to make sure we look like a nice and tidy site so when others come they will take more interest in it.

Basically they will go through pages and leave comments on the talk page if the articles has bad grammar. From anything from spelling errors to that of run on sentences, and 3 words sentences. They will be the one which searches for all the improper things and ask users to fix it so we look like a better site. Now if they refuse to fix it, the Mizukage can give them a warning and ask them again.

Now if they keep on refusing the Mizukage can call in the Kazekage. Then rarely if things get out of hand they can even call in the Hokage to deal with this mess. The Kage must make sure all pages follow the Manuel of Style and warn the ones who don't use it. They are also to make the newsletter for our website talking about all the is going on.

  • Raikage:Advertiser/Site-Wide Event Maker

The Raikages duties will usually take place on youtube or other naruto fan sites. His main duty is to try and advertise our site through many different ways, such as creating videos for us on youtube or simply going by other websites and leaving a comment about us and what we do. A secondary duty of the Raikage is that every now and then, they may come up with a site-wide event for all users to enjoy, be it a Roleplay event, or even a big discussion where all users come on and chat. If any want to come up with an event, they have to ask Raikage, in which if he agrees will let you host it with him helping you.

  • Tsuchikage:Chat Managament/Greeter

The power of this Kage lies within the chat room we have installed on this wikia. They must be online usually every day to ensure the chat room stays a nice and clean place. They will be the ultimate Chat mod who can kick others from it if they misbehave. They also have the power to Ban one from chat without consulting with anybody, its their decision. They must make sure the other users discussions don't evolve into conflicts.

If the situation does go that far he will have to call in the Raikage so he can do his duty. He will completely enforce the rules about profanity and other related topics. He must make sure he follows them as well and not abuse this power. It is an important job which requires him to be on chat as much as he can, definitely more then the other admins. His second duty is to simply write their own message on new users wall, about our rules and what they can do here. Its their job to make sure the users keep their interest and dont leave on the first day.


While they all have their own duties in which only they have power in, the other Kages under certain situations have an emergency power. This power grants them the other Kages duty but only in extreme cases. Emergency power lets them auto block another user, or settle an Argument without the Raikage.

These powers are only used as a last resort, such as if the other Kage isn't online or if their not doing their duty correctly. All Kages will have to work together as many of their responsibilities will overlap with anthers duties. Such as the Raikage and Tsuchikage working together on chat to control a problem. The Mizukage will usually work with the Kazekage in covering and cleaning articles and making sure they follow the Manuel of Style. The Hokage will work will all others but mostly the Kazekage to ban and put on trail those who fight the content system.


A Protege or also called a Helper or Bodyguards are individuals who have been given admin like power, but not title. They are given the power by one of the Kage, in order to become a helper with them in only their field. Each Kage can only take on two proteges at once, they must trust them and inform them about their only duties. If a Kage loses his admin-ship, one of their proteges who is chosen will become his successor.

They are only suppose to help, and cannot have complete control over the Kage's responsibilities. This means he can only assign each helper one job, as to not give them so much power. A Kage can give them admin powers without checking with me. Also Kages must make sure their proteges understand their not true admin and as such have a limited power which they cannot break. Although not all helpers will be given admin powers, if your made a helper the Kage decideds if you should have admin like power. You can simply be a helper without the power.

Hokage's: ANBU Black Ops - The ones chosen by the Hokage are called the ANBU. They are only allowed to give auto blocks to those they consider a threat and then inform the Hokage. They can only do this when the Hokage is not around. Also after a trial is called, if they defendant is found innocent, they are put on probation. When on Probation it is the ANBUs job to keep and eye on them and their activity to make sure they don't do anything.

Kazekage's: Sand Burials - The Kazekage's followers are called Sand Burials. They are given the most freedom from other helpers. Their duties involve tagging pages for the Kazekage to see or delete later. As well as going through the history and tagging those as well. This will make the Kazekage's job a little easier as he must make sure all content and policies are and articles are up to date.

Mizukage's: Hunter-Nin - The helpers of the Mizukage are known as Hunter-Nin. Their job like the Mizukages is to simply make sure all pages follow the Manuel of style and/or have proper grammar. With all the pages they have to follow, having other will make it a little easier.

Raikage's: A and B - They will help maintain out Youtube channel in the absense of the Raikage, and with the Kages permission be allowed to also advertise on other fan sites such as this.

Tsuchikage's: Bodyguards - The Tsuchikages proteges are called bodyguards. Their main duty is simply to be a chat mod online whenever they can. They are probably the only proteges which will not have admin like powers. They will automatically be given Chat Mod statues, as that is required for them to help the Kage with his duty. Though they must not be able to ban, only kick out others. The Tsuchikage is also the only one who can have more the 2 body guards and up to 4. He can grant it to a few more as he needs to make sure their is a Chat mod on at all times.


Upon an admin being made into a Bureaucrat your designated a Daimyō, this grants you more power then being a normal admin but not the same as a Sage. While realistically speaking you have the same user level power as the Sage, that is not what matters here and you still have to follow only the power bestowed to you. This position grants you power to like to the sage have control over the admins taking away power when it calls for it. This position merely means you watch admins and make sure they do there job, but in times of need can also take up a Kage position if no person fills it. They have no control in anything the Sage does and if breaks the rules will be reported to Wikia.


The Sage is the name of User:SageOfDespair and User:Boredfan1 this title grants me more various abilities then others but still within the realm of power limit. I am the only one who can make Policies regarding the site as a whole, giving the main rules we follow such as the Manuel of style, or Administration rules. These rules once made cannot be changed or overrun by other admins who have made Bureaucrat status. In order to be a sage one must be The Founder of this site, or granted the Title of Sage by the original Sage Himself. Also adding to his duties are making sure the Main Page is constantly updating, keeping admins from gaining to much power by controlling the admin system. Only one who changes the main theme for the site, also he is the one who approves or disapproves of the content policies made by the Kazekage through a system. If any admin has more power then normal he can remove it from them unless a Bureaucrat but he can make it so Bureaucrat's only have there power but no actual powers stated in the rules, he is also the only one to change the duties of admins if he feels it is necessary. Though he can never directly take over a Kage position and must stay simply as the Sage.

5 Kage Summit

The Kage Summit is an event we will host every 2 to 3 months. It will require us all to be on chat and will be Mandatory. All Kages will be on as well as their proteges, any who miss will lose their powers automatically. In order to make sure this doesn't happen, we will find a time which works for everyone. Here we will discuss the problems we face and how to improve. Here we can give out ides which we can implement into the site. When we have a summit one person outside of the admin ship will be made the Summit Moderator. They will be the impartial person who watches over us and brings up the topics we need to discuss.

Emergency Summit

An emergency summit is when admins are having problems with each other. A summit is called the next day or week. During this time they will talk out their problems with one another and the Moderator will decided what to do from that point.


This system that we follow mimics the one used by Bleach Fan Fiction, as well as Naruto Fanon. It is a great system which i think will help us organize this site more.