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Prologue Edit

"Drip, drip, drip" is heard as it consistently keeps going the sound of a liquid hitting a surface. We get a better look as we are now in a very dark tunnel, we see the ceiling. It has a small crack within it and from that crack drops of water come as they hit the floor. "drip drip drip" the water continues to fall then the noise is pushed to the side being overtaken with a different sound. Footsteps are heard, they soon begin to grow louder and louder as something approaches. Though the steps are distinct it's apparent that the steps are coming at a very slow pace. After enough time a figure is seen very far in the distant. As it walks closer ever so closely its appearance becomes more visible.

The figure is shown to have a black rope and hood and appears to be elderly with long white hair covering its face. The figure continues down the path and even passes by the water droplets. Soon it reaches the end of the tunnel and stays silent and still like a statue. Then slowly its hands come out of its dark rope and appears to have very old and wrinkled hands which come together and form the Ram seal. Suddenly the ground around the elderly person begins to crack a circle shape around them. The circle crack around the man then begins to sink into the ground at an incredible rate like an elevator with the man still on top of the it. The elevator like earth that lowers into the ground appears to never stop as it seems endless. A close up of the elders face shows only the mouth as it to appears elderly.

We now enter a battlefield set in a different location and time. We see a young man with what appears to be a golden cloak, it is no question that young man is Naruto Uzumaki. Though he appears to be in shock "He, he's!!!"Naruto tries to say and looks into the direction of two other men on the opposite site of the battlefield. "You defied Edo Tensei, Very much like you to do that" one of the two men says to the other. He looks at him with intent, the man who defied Edo Tensei was no doubt the one and only Madara Uchiha. That means the other man with him was no other then Obito Uchiha. "WHY!!!!" Naruto screams "WHY IS THE MADARA THAT WAS THERE,HERE!!!" he continues to say.

"Madara, That Madara" a man behind Naruto says in a worried tone, that man was Kakashi Hatake and next to him was the famous Might Guy. "Hey naruto does it mean" a large creature behind them all says. "WHAT HAPPENED TO THE OTHERS" naruto screams. "You mean there" Madara says. "I ASKED YOU WHAT HAPPENED!!!" Naruto yells as his power starts to come out. "There probably, Not OK" madara says as the 5 kage appear near dead. We jump back into the earth like elevator with the elder. It finally reaches a stop and the elder comes out onto what appears to be an enormous cave, but that's not the interesting part. The cave appears to be nearly completely covered in lava, indicating that it is close to the center of the earth. The elder walks on the part of the ground that wasn't covered in lava.

He continues walking, then from the ceiling a new figure emerges with half its body emerged from the ceiling it calls out. "Lord Madaraaaaaaaa i have it". The elder stops and removes its hood revealing an elderly Madara Uchiha. His sharingan looks up towards the white man "Bring it down Zetsu there isn't much time. His legs then also emerge from the ceiling as it then falls down to the ground in front of Madara who stares at it without emotion. It stands up and stands straight sort of at attention, then says "ZETSU REPORTING". Madara continues to stare and then walks pass Zetsu towards a an open area within the cave.

Soon from beneath the ground another white figure emerges and with a spiral type pattern. As he begins to talk his voice has a distinct distortion in it. "Madara I have the other item you requested, but we should hurry young man uchiha is still asleep but i saw him kicking and screaming something about a RIN. The Spiral Zetsu then gives Madara what appears to be a small white ball. Madara takes it and looksinto intently “This will be as he talks the white ball turns into a sharingan as we change into a different area, my second plan”.

As we back away from the sharingan we see it is connected to Obito who is in the Ten Tails cloak. “Is that Ok” he says as he shoots a black toward a tailed beast transformed naruto and a full body susanoo sasuke. We then move to a different scene, of Naruto and Sasuke side by side as they soon engulf both transformations together as Sasukes Susanoo covers Narutos Kurama like mode and they begin battling with Obito.

We jump back into the cave as the white zetsu reaches inside himself and pulls out a dark brown rock like formation in the shape of a small spear. He then hands it to madara who takes it holding each item one in each hand. “Lord madara why do you need to do this” the spiral zetsu says. Madara then stabs the spear like rock into the ground “While my plan will most undoubtedly succeed i will not leave it to chance. I can not trust him fully while i am away so i need this plan to make sure things go my way.”

The white orb madara held then begins to turns into a liquid like substance and is dripped over the spear as it seems to merge with it. “Hashirama is my friend and my greatest rival, let him to be apart of this” madara says as the white substance is not totally merged with the spear. He then pulls out small kunai and pierces his own hand as the blood begins to surface he holds his hand over the spear letting his blood drip over it and do the same as the white substance did, merges with the spear. “This reality is weak the real world, my dream world will take effect no matter what i cannot leave this world without knowing there is no chance of it happening.

He performs a variety of hand seals and ends on the Ram seal as the spear begins to morph and turn into a variety of shapes as it bubbles and hisses. The zetsu’s stand behind madara and watch as he does something unknown to them. “There” madara says, as the spear has changed to look more like a very small tree no bigger then madara himself with a skinny base. “Now we just wait, Zetsu as he grows older while im away you will watch and mold him into the saviour of this world, but if he fails then i this second project will take into effect pray that it won’t come to that. A defeated Obito is then seen lying on the ground with Kakashi and Minato Namikaze standing over him.

Opening Edit

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The Beginning Edit

The Training of the ShinobiEdit

Kengo had been laying on his bed looking into the plain ceiling that was old and grew some cracks. Due to his recent escape from punishment, the Hokage had put him under a special maximum imprisonment in a special room that was surrounded in Sensory-nin’s. There was no way for Kengo to escape this time but he didn’t really feel like going out for once. “‘’The crimson that runs through my veins only continue to flow for the love I hold of Konohagakure.’’” He thought to himself as he had no one to really talk to but Kurama, the Nine-Tailed beast.
With chains rattling and a loud banging noise and red eyes coming up to the blood red crystal bars. “You should be treated differently you know.” Kurama spoke softly but had still rumbled throughout the room.
Kengo snickered, “Well we aren’t going to be treated like real beings anytime soon.” Kengo replied.

Water dripped from the window still onto the wooden flooring. “‘’It did rain last night.’’” Kengo thought to himself. He saw how nice it looked out there and the sun was beaming down from the cloudy sky that was now clearing up. He had just sat there looking into the sky and not really thinking about anything and letting his mind drift into his subconsciousness. But that period of time was interrupted by a loud banging on his door and a voice saying, “Where coming in, there are some Shinobi here to take you and train.” The door then opens with a quick creaking noise and all Kengo could see is a tall man with spiky white hair and a face mask covering his entire bottom face. He gestured his hands for Kengo to go out and he followed it because he felt Kurama accepting this strange Ninja.

Without talking they went to the training grounds but it was a more open area for the Jonin to practice. Kengo was curious to why this Shinobi brought him here and asked the Ninja why he was brought here. “Well lets start off properly, my name is Kakashi Hatake. Someone else wanted to train you but they were quite busy but I took on the tough task. The other person wanted me to teach you a technique but I got something else too.” Kakashi had told Kengo, slightly looking down on Kengo due to their height. And out of no where another person yelled out and it was another man. Once he came over he greeted himself as Yamato.

Kengo had heard of these two ninja’s before and realized that they worked with the last Jinchuriki of the Nine-Tails. He figured that this was why Kurama was accepting of them. “Well why am I here?” Kengo asked as he was very curious.
”Because we are going to train you but it will take some time.” Kakashi explained to Kengo.
”And I’m here to make sure Kurama’s chakra doesn’t go all over the place.” Yamato added.
Kengo gave a weird look on his face when he heard the name Kurama. “Who’s Kurama?” Kengo asked the two upper Shinobi. They both simply said that it was nothing and needed to start training him. “Well what am I suppose to do?” Kengo asked.

Kakashi brings out a big bucket that was set aside. He then makes the surrounding Earth into very thin spheres that were hollow. He then used his Water release natured to fill them with water. He makes hundreds within seconds and puts them into the bucket. He had manipulated the earth to float which was amazing for Kengo to see. “I want you to make one hundred normal shadow clones and each of them to pick up a water balloon, the rock is so thin it acts like rubber.” Kakashi tells Kengo. As soon as that reached Kengo’s ears he grew a face of shock.
”You want me to make a hundred shadow clones!” He shouted right at Kakashi’s face. “Do you know how much that would take!? I was told to use them sparsely!” He shouted and telling Kakashi the facts.
”Do it.” Kakashi said as Yamato created wooden statues and Kakashi grabbed a water balloon and held it in his hands. The water balloon had then started to move wildly. “You need to move chakra in different ways at one single time. You then need to spin it faster and faster until the balloon pops.” Kakashi stated as the balloon popped. “Now make the clones.”

With a sigh Kengo created the clones that covered a vast area of land. Five of the clones where at the bucket throwing the others some so they could try and pop the balloon. Each of them keeps trying to flow chakra into the balloon and pop it. The real one was also trying to but went by Kengo and Yamato to ask them why he had to make clones. “Because when they are dispersed, the original user of the Shadow clones gains all their knowledge and abilities that they had learn. It can make a month long training session into a simple hour or two but normal Shinobi don’t have that much chakra to make hundreds.” Kakashi replied. When Kengo heard hundreds of clones he was shocked from the realization that he perfectly made a hundred clones and isn’t on the ground passed out. Not saying anything Kengo had grabbed his wrist to try and focus the chakra more into the balloon and manipulate it better.

Hours had passed and finally one of the clones had popped a balloon. All the clones that let out a short loud cheer but Kakashi had made another balloon and threw it to the clone. “Do it again!” he shouted across the field of clones. The clone had a weird look on his face but gripped his wrist and went at it again. “Why shouldn’t I just recall him and have the clones learn it?” Kengo asked.
”They don’t work that was.” Kakashi replied to Kengo in a cheerful way. Then two girls came with buckets, one was filled with food pills and another was filled with thick rubber balls. The two girls had waved at Kakashi and Yamato as they thanked him but, before they turned around they looked at Kengo with the look that everyone gives him.

Once they walked away, the original had popped his balloon but Crimson Red chakra came from the balloon. Once it did it revealed Kengo had the nails of a tailed beast. Yamato had already been ready to suppress the chakra but Kakashi gestured him not to. As that was happening, Kengo was thinking, “‘’That look, they all give me it. They think I’m a bad person or the Kyubi is bad. But we aren’t, we strive to protect the village and yet they give me that look. Do they hate me? Kurama? No, its fear that they hate, it’s fear that they don’t want to have but will always hold. I guess its something that they will always posses even if it’s deep in their black hearts. Black for looking down upon him for his commitment he shows to the village.’’” From that thought Kengo had suppressed Kurama’s chakra and the nails had went away. “Could you make me another balloon Sensei Kakashi?” He asked as he didn’t want to quit. Kakashi quickly made another and Kengo had then instantly started to slightly rumble it, something that took them about an hour to get to.

Kakashi went over to Yamato and said, “He was able to suppress Kurama’s chakra that easily, just by thinking.” he commented to Yamato.
”Its something that Naruto wasn’t even able to do.” Yamato added.
”And I don’t think he’s using Kurama’s chakra anymore, I think he fully held it back. But how and what caused him to unleash it in the first place?”
”You may have not realized it but the girls had given Kengo a look. It was different than what people had given Naruto. These where looks of fear.”

Right after Yamato was done speaking, a clone had busted a balloon, then another, then another, then it started to sound as though someone was shooting a gun rapidly. Water droplets came from the air for a very short period of rain. Each of them turned to the original who hadn’t busted the balloon yet. He held his hand up high and bursted it with such power that earth rubber had been completely obliterated. Kengo then de-summoned his clones and turned to Kakashi and Yamato. “How did I do?” Kengo asked in a weak and tired voice. They both replied with good comments as Yamato created a wooden house. This amazed Kengo but he didn’t really questioned it due to his lack of energy. This is where they would for slept for the night. As soon as Kengo reached his bed, he was knocked cold.

The next day Kakashi had woken Kengo up and ate a quick meal. They went outside and Kakashi threw Kengo a Rubber Ball, “Pop a hundred of these nows.” Kakashi told Kengo. As he did Kengo had just fell to the ground. “Why me?” He asked but created the clones and threw each one a rubber ball. “This is how you do it. You need to build up chakra to make it dense enough to break the rubber.” As the rubber ball popped. Then every single clone started the process. As before they held their wrist to focus the chakra into the rubber ball. From this process they realized that it made their hand sore.

Each clone had done their best but they couldn’t even get a nudge. Each clone was focusing hard onto the rubber ball and entering the chakra into it. They had complained but one was soon able to bust one. Then the chain reaction happened again and Kengo recalled the clones once again. Once he gained the knowledge Kakashi threw him another one and Kengo had gripped him wrist. He quickly burst it after it deformed itself. Kakashi then threw him another water balloon. “What? I thought I did this already?” Kengo Asked. “Flow chakra into it without having it burst, keep the shape.” Kakashi replied.

Kengo has put his chakra into the balloon and it didn’t even budge. “What suppose to be so hard about this?” Kengo asked as the balloon didn’t even budge a bit. Kakashi and Yamato had a face of shock that Kengo would be able to not pop the balloon. “Try and do it without the balloon.” Yamato said slowly. Kengo gripped his wrist and formed it. “Not hit this.” Yamato said again forming a big rock from the ground. Kengo just had the instinct to run towards it and slam the Rasengan into the rock. As soon as it touched, the ball expanded and completely demolished the rock figure. Kengo was surprised by this but at the same time he was comfortable with it.

“Well, it looks like our two day training is over, if you want, you can actually just keep practicing it. But for now I think we have taught you enough, and it seems that you have some natural talent with the Rasengan.” Kakashi had said as him and Yamato were leaving the battlefield.

Kengo had then thought of why the two high ranking Shinobi would teach him a weird technique, and why were they surprised when he was able to create it so fast. And why did it come so natural to him as well, all these questions couldn’t be answered by himself but hopefully he meets the ninja who was going to originally teach him. He is now just slowly training his new technique and building up his strength in his free time.

Daichi Uchiha Edit

Some time ago, Daichi Uchiha left his home island and traversed to Konohagakure however, he was tailed by the snake sage Yaichi who intended to control him but afight broke out and Daichi managed to escape without ever revealing that he was an Uchiha. With his prey gone and the village after him, Yaichi had no choice but to flee. Unknown to him, Daichi had not gone too far before he was forced to rest. The drain from fighting and trying to escape was too much for him, resulting in Daichi falling unconscious. The ANBU Blackops found him and after rushing him to the village hospital where he stayed for a few weeks to recover, the interregation corps had a shot at him but they learned little more than that he was a farmer from a remote island that came to learn about the village, it's history and the clans residing in it. Somehow, he managed to keep his Uchiha inheritence a secret.

Weary of him, they forbid him from leaving the village or going to certain places like the academy but Daichi spent most of his time at the library or around the village. After several weeks of doing this, the ANBU trailing him were convinced he was harmless as he displayed normal behavior although they noted he was very social but preferred to live in a secluded area, the Uchiha Compound. When the ANBU stopped tailing him all the time, Daichi was able to relax as there was less of a chance that his identity would be discovered however, he was still weary and trained only at night. The training he did once he was no longer being tailed was mostly honing his Sharingan powers which he did by hunting and fighting criminals lurking around the countryside.

Daichi was still forbidden to leave the village so he had to do his hunting in secret, often missing it for days at a time as not to arous suspicion or attract attention to himself. After doing this for several weeks, his battle confidence and experience in real battle became equal to that of a chunin. Eventually, he caught a local bandit and brought it back to the compound where he put him up as a prisioner. While normally he takes no prisioners, Daichi had captured him and kept him around to develop a new technique, the False Memory Creation Technique. Once the technique was complete, Daichi turned the bandit into the ANBU saying that the bandit trying to steal his stuff and with the implanted memory, the bandit couldn't testify against that, nor could the interregation corps find evidence to the condrary.

After waiting several days, Daichi knew that the implanation was successful and was confident his identity couldn't be discovered by the village. The next day, Daichi approached the Hokage and asked for permission to be on his way for he had learned all he wanted to in the village. The Hokage agreed and he made his way to Kirigakure. There, he went to it's library and started studying everything about it's history and the clans of the village he could without drawing attention to himself like in Konohagakure. Unlike in the hidden leaf though, he researched more extensively and was nicknamed "the scholar" by residents of Kirigakure. Without incident, he left and did the same for other shinobi villages until the only one left was Chirigakure. Unable to get much information about the village or how to enter it, the Uchiha was forced to dwell in a nearby village working odd jobs while he thought of a plan to enter and resume his research but all the while, researching what he could in the village he was at.

Ginjo Edit

"Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!" Screams are heard, "He's here." Another voice says. "Run, don't get caught by him.......Ughhhh." The persons says, then killed by a person. "Wow Ginjo that was harsh." A mans voice says standing next to the tall man. "And, who cares, the way I see it, I could care less if he protected the kid, I will get him." Ginjo says as he does what he just said and kills the kid. "YOUR PURE EVIL, YOU FIEND." A woman says as Ginjo walks up to her. "Now really, well I got new for you mam." Ginjo says as he grabs her by the head with one hand, he picks her up and brings her to his face and says, "Well, I think I a a demon." Ginjo says as he then throws her clean through a house killing her. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!"

"Ahh, (huff)......(huff)......(huff)." Ginjo says as he wakes up. "Ugggahh, Another dream about my past life. I have been having those for the past few days now." Ginjo says to himself as he looks at the clock and sees its time for him to wake up. He kisses his wife and goes into the restroom. The shower turns on and you can here the water running, Ginjo puts his hand on the wall and leans down looking at the water draining into the drainage. Ginjo thinks, because in a few hours he has another meeting with village higher ups about the military of the 5 Great Nations. The shower stops and Ginjo gets out, drys off, and puts on his clothes.

He then goes to check on his son, upon entering his room he sees that his bed was made up, and a note of the bed that said, "I had to go on a mission early this morning, the Anbu needed an extra member, so I volunteered, love ......." He puts the note back on the bed and walks out his son's room and the house. Not even 5 minutes up the block, a Jonin who was also a military adviser came to Ginjo and said, "Good morning Ginjo sir." The ninja says, who was a very new military adviser, which is why he called Ginjo sir. "Let me guess, here to ask me about the meeting?" Ginjo asks. "Uhhh, yes how is it, what do we do?" the ninja asks. "Well, we basically just sit and talk about military things, weapon count, manpower, defensive and offensive measures, alliances with other nations, and other stuff. Its nothing to be worried about kid, usually the Tsuchikage would be there, but she had a late night and is still sleep, so I will inform her later." Ginjo says.

"And also sir, just out of curiosity, why didn't you become Tsuchikage that time that year you were going to be elected as Tsuchikage?" the ninja asks. "Because, I didn't feel I was ready, and don't forget about my past, so thats another reason why, I don't think at the time the village trusted me enough. But anyway, lets go." Ginjo says as himself and the ninja go to the meeting.

Aitenshi Edit

"Yin-Yang Relase... Divine Wisdom." A voice in Amegakure was heard. There was a small boy who sprouted 6 white wings and flew into the sky; a shinobi hired by the boy's own family was watching him after he had betrayed his employers and killed the boy's family. The boy started charging a mass of energy in the shape of a sphere. The shinobi looked at him, he couldn't do anything but watch the boy, as the shinobi was paralyzed with fear. The next thing the shinobi sees is a blinding light; he has died.

The boy has avenged his family by killing the shinobi that his own family had hired. The boy's name was Aitenshi. After experiencing this event, Aitenshi has found a new goal in his life - to be acknowledged by the shinobi world as a god; something that Madara Uchiha might be able to do.

Aitenshi had left Amegakure, which was war-torn even before the incident had happened. Even in Amegakure's war-torn era, Aitenshi still got labelled as a missing-nin. He would try and kill anyone who tries to hunt him down for the bounty he has.

Outside of Amegakure, he has learned many things; and one of those things were to increase his skills as well as replenish his chakra from using the Yin-Yang Release: Divine Wisdom technique. He developed a liquid substance that seemingly looks like a regular glass of water, but it is filled with power-enhancing materials. He calls it the Aqua of the Gods. Though he can increase his powers using this drink, he may risk his life as his vital organs can temporarily stop working.

Kurai Gōka Edit

Long Ago, Kurai Gōka had been a kind young boy, his clan were known for their evil, and so he in turn tried to reverse it but his will was weak and in turn allowed his anxious demon to take over. Kurai's evil came at around age 12 in which, his darkness was visible to all around him. He plotted to kill the villagers and take all the power, One afternoon he was walking home and a Jonin attacked him. A big mistake, Kurai got angry and his demon took over, it's power rocketed and he used his full power to destroy the Jonin, he escaped and was unseen.

Suspicious about Kurai's odd behavior they banned him and told him not to learn new things. About 5 years later, the hunters of his clan following him were convinced he was pure evil as he showed demonic tendecies,They tried to get to him relentlessly but the village guards chased him out. The guards receiving information that Kurai was apart of a horrid clan, they igonored this and captured the hunters.

Kurai was still being controlled and had to come his anger down, because his anger rocketed and his chakra was felt by those who stood near his area. After 5 months of training, his fighting and chakra control was at a good level, he became a Self-proclaimed Chunin at age 15. Kurai was drawing attention and began plotting his escape. He was either going to fight his way out, also gaining good items, or escape silently. He was contacted by a masked shinobi and offered a assasain job, he was sort of questionable but later accepted feeling it was the right thing to do.

Kurai snuck out and began doing assasainations, he killed a aid of a Kage, Kurai in turn wanted something. Kurai asked for techniques, Kurai begun to learn more and his fire style became very profiecient. Kurai killed 3 more shinobi, than the heat actually came. His anger was released and his demonic side was brought up. The villagers noticed it and contacted the Kage, he than killed the top medical-nin and took her important scrolls. Kurai became a missing-nin.

Aoi Uchiha Edit

"I......I want more power.....I NEED MORE POWER!!!" Aoi says in frustration punching a tree and making it tumble. Aoi was frustrated with his retreat from Kengo a few weeks earlier, "I can't believe I let a kid beat me." Aoi says. Aoi was in the Land of Fire, just lost. He was just wondering around, no objective, no motive, he was training from time to time and even constructed 2 more jutsu, but he didn't do anything to bring attention to himself. He then came across a hotel not to far from the Land of Fire's boarder, across the boarder was the land in which Amegakure was. Aoi stayed in the hotel a few days, he would go to a spot not too far from the hotel and train a little bit. Then one day when training, he met a woman.... although he was married, he could not resist his desires so he slept with the woman.

After that night with the woman, he crossed over the boarder into the land in which Ame was, he wanted to see if he could possibly learn something new, or have a fight. When he got into the land all it did was rain, he didn't know anything about the land, but he soon learned that it rains day in and day out. Aoi wasn't annoyed with it, its just he didn't expect it to rain like it did. He then got to a diner where he sat at a table and ordered some food, he then overheard a conversation that peaked his interest, "Hey, did you hear about that dude that's killing ninja left and right." The person says. "Yeah, I heard his most recent victim was this dude name Raiden Hoshima, I heard that Raiden dude was from Kumo and was a pretty good ninja." "Well, seems like he couldn't match up to him." The other dude says. "Here is you chicken dinner sir." A waitress says to Aoi, the waitress was very pretty, again his desires were tingling, but he resisted and just said Thank you to the waitress.

When he left the diner and got more and more into Ame, he heard more and more about this ninja. He learned his name, but didn't know where to find him, so he asked around. Aoi wanted to fight this person just to see how powerful he really was, but to no avail. Aoi was just lost, in his little travel, all he really did was train and fight a few times, he really didn't have any motives or anything, Aoi needed something to do.

The Rain's Struggle Edit

The Village Hidden in the Rain, a sad small village which has been through much over the years, being the main battleground during a war. Even after having its own civil war and spawning what would later be known as the Akatsuki the village still stands. It is covered by rain which never ceases which symbolizes the despair and hardship the people have endured over the years. Though currently the village is in much chaos and once again must show its strength if it wishes to survive this new war. A Young man then appears running through the streets of the village as if for his life. Interestingly the streets and the village itself seem to be quiet and empty. "Please please someone i need food!, i haven't eaten in days" he screams as he stops in his tracks in the middle of a street. He is met with silence, suddenly a volley of shuriken and kunai swarm him from all directions. A splash is heard and the boy is seen face down in a puddle as his body is pierced with a large number of weapons. The Puddle then begins to slowly turn a dark red, no one comes out and he is left there to rot.

From the tallest tower located in Amegakure a man stands on one of the rooftops as he watched the young man die. The Tower he stands upon was once the base in which Nagato and Konan ruled from. He has scene what had transpired with the boy, he stands out in the rain and nods his head a bit closing his eyes as if giving respect to the dead boy. He opens his eyes and gazes out onto the village which seems very dead and silent with the only noise being that of the rain drops. A man lands behind him on one knee, then stands up "Gengaku.... I know what your thinking don't do it" the man says. Gengaku turns to see the man then continues staring out onto the village. "Now how could you know what im thinking", Gengaku says, "Don't go down there, that boys death was not your fault, not everything that happens in this village is your
Naruto Shippuden Despair Extended-003:20

Naruto Shippuden Despair Extended-0

I Know

responsibility" the man says. He is met with silence "Ughh i know that you have lived here your whole life and have a special connection with this village but that doesn't mean everything here relies on you. Please don't go avenge that boy, today is one of the rare few days were we have silence and peace. Most days involves fighting and death, if you truly care for this village you will let it go. We may represent Akatsuki rule but that doesn't make us them, we cannot control the flow of peace in the village we...." he is cut off "I Know" Gengaku says. "Did you know i spent my first years in war. Everyday would be to survive, i did not know what would happen and thats what worried me. As i grew older i thought more about my villages situation and i blamed it all on shinobi and i hated them and my village. It was then that my father told me about loyalty a belief he held onto strongly and i inherited that belief. with each passing year my ties to the village grew stronger as i to became a shinboi. It was then i would think that the reason for the villages downfall was not just the fault of shinobi but the fault of everyone as they each make choices which not only effect themselves." he says

He continues to stare into his village, "It was the way i though up until Pain took over, with him i began to see the truth. While people can try to create peace, humans have to create chaos in there life and so no one can truly have peace. But pain he took hold of this village on his own and somehow bended the choices of everyone installing peace. He to was an offspring of Ame like me, with his death i became lost with myself and left to find what i lost. What i found in that time was nothing, i had abandoned my village i was trash. Then i realized something." he looks into the mans eyes. "Pain was not what created the peace within this land but, the fact the a single individual a true Rain Shinobi took charge and took responsibility for the village as a whole." he says as he looks at the village again. "I saw it in myself, this village and everything that happens within it has been passed on to me. The fact that this new civil war shows that i have not being doing my duty, that is going to change i will end this war. There are so many people here who wish to take control but im the only one who can truly give the village what it needs."

"So yes your right we cannot create peace, but I alone can. It is my duty and i will do what is necessary even if it means killing and placing fear in those who dont have our best interest at heart." He says as silence takes hold. "Now i will do what i must." he says in a more serious voice. He jumps off the rooftop and leaves the man to himself. "Huh i guess there is no stopping him" the man says to himself as blood curdling scream our heard echoing through the village.

Gengaku appears in the middle of a street with blood covering a majority of his body. There are signs of battle damage on the building's near him with earth spikes shooting out of the ground in a variety of angles and dead bodies pierced and ripped in half. The rain washes the blood off of him slowly as his bangs cover his eyes, "Its not Enough" he says aloud to himself.

The Unknown Power Edit

All we see is nothing but black then we hear the words “It is time” suddenly the tree from the beginning has seemingly grew to the size of a standard tree within the dark cave, as the lava from before glows brighter which amplifies the light in the room. An outline of a light blue appears on the tree on every edge of it. The sound of humming begins as the tree’s roots begin to slowly move digging into much of the ground and even going up into the ceiling. Then we see something unique from the center of the tree, two white hands emerge from it as if someone had been slumbering from within. They continue to exit the tree but stop before anymore of its body is shown. The hands then come together forming the Tiger seal as the blue outline around the tree becomes thicker and the humming turns to a loud screech.

Gengaku, has spent the last day wondering his village in hopes of finding something to rekindle his motivation to spread peace through his home. Splash, splash is heard as every step Gengaku takes through this land as he walks amongst the puddles of water. "Don't go down there, that boys death was not your fault, not everything that happens in this village is your responsibility" rings through his head as he remembers the words from the shinobi. He then thinks about how much this village has changed overtime and is now worse then it has ever been. After spending time rethinking the course his village is taking he comes to a halt. His feet are drowned in a puddle almost completely covered. The rain still pouring on the land as if the sky was crying over the village, he begins to raise his head as his eyes take hold of what appears in front of him.
Laser beam 2 by overlord eddy

The blue beam

Its a very small rundown house, holes of various sizes cover the house from inside to out, with a major piece of the roof missing. He stands as still as stone staring into this unknown place, it feels as if he has stood there for hours. Without hesitation he starts towards the house walking through the front door. As he enters he eyes seemingly express sadness towards this place. As the looks around the house he says aloud to himself “Father, Mother, Brother im sorry”. Suddenly without warning an enormous surge of chakra and the sound of an explosion takes hold, the same screeching from the tree appears within Gengaku’s head. He doesnt appear to be effected by the pain and walks outside. Several miles away he see’s it, a massive blue light shooting up into the sky. “What is that, the chakra its amazing.” he thinks to himself as he heads at full speed towards the area the light is coming from. Though he is not the only one, the surge of chakra and screeching reaches almost every individual reaching as far as the land of water. It is so vast that even non-sensory type shinobi can read it and locate it, it is as if it is calling out for someone to find it.

Kengo had been out in the field trying to destroy his own crystals with Rasengan. After multiple times he was able to finally shatter the crystals but it took some time to be able to. He had fallen to his back from the exhaustion of using the technique about 25 times or so. "So what do you think?" Kengo asked Kurama in his subconsciousness. "You're getting better but you aren't good just yet." Kurama simply replied. As Kengo was looking into the sky and noticing all the clouds, he instantly heard a loud ringing noise in his head. He grabbed his head and rolled over to his knees, shouting from the pain. As the ringing began Kurama had started to act up and unleash his chakra into Kengo but he couldn't really help it.

Kengo had stand up with his hair all messed up and his nails extended out. He swiftly removed his hands from his head, letting out a roar of power that had destroyed the surrounding area. "This chakra! It feels familiar but I can't remember!" Kurama shouted out in Kengo's mind. After about five minutes of pain Kengo could sense where the noise had come from and out of pure instinct started to run towards it.

As Aoi was walking around the village, he started to feel tired, tired of the rain and just tired. So he found a tree and laid under it and looked into the sky and just started to think. He closed his eyes then out of absolutely nowhere a loud screeching sound engulfs his ears, the pain and stress from the screeching sound causes Aoi's Sharingan to activate unwillingly. Aoi grabbed the tree he was resting at and squeezed it so much until his tore a chunk of bark from it. Aoi then turns into a shadow and go to where the unbearable screech was to investigate.

After countless failures to contact the high ranking members of Chirigakure, Daichi Uchiha was finally able to get a hold of one a few days back, schedueling a meeting for today. As the Uchiha walked to the meeting place, he couldn't help but be nervous as he knew Chirigakure's reputation as being suspicious and caughtious. He knew that the chance they thought he might be a spy was high and and an equal chance that he was a saboteur. With his reputation as the scholar, it would be hard to convince them otherwise however, there is a small chance that they wouldn't be extra suspicious because of his reputation. Even slimer chance that they would accept his request without any further problems. His worry turned into fear until it started to engulf him however, Daichi knew that he couldn't show any signs of fear so he suppressed it the best he could and kept his facial expressions and body language neutral. Several minutes later, he stopped at the meeting location and waited for the Chirigakure representative to arrive. An hour later, the representitive arrived, knowing he was late but showed no remorse. Instead he stared Daichi down for a few minutes before speaking. "What is it you want with your village?" The representitive asked. "I'm traveling from village to village learning about the history of the world and while I have managed to learn most of what I desire to, I know there is some probably important information stored in your village's library." Daichi replied.

After a several moments of silence, the representitive replied "And why should we allow you to enter to attain this knowledge? How do we know you are not a spy trying to steal our secrets?" "Because I have been to every other shinobi village in the world and viewed only public knowledge. If you do not believe me then just ask them, they will tell you the same thing."  The Uchiha replied. Bitting his lip subconsciously, the representitive considered his words and was trying to think of a response when suddenly, Daichi felt an odd chakra. Daichi was not a sensor type however, he could feel the chakra as if he was however, this miracle was also a double edged sword for he felt pain throughout his body, as if he was being stabbed by what could only be described as sharp branches made purely out of chakra. While trying to cope with this sudden blast of pain, the representitive watched in horror as the Uchiha shuddered and cried out in pain, only getting a headache himself though he didn't realize his headache and Daichi's pain were connected. After several minutes, the pain subsided and Daichi collapsed, falling unconscious.

Somewhere else, Aitenshi was walking through the outskirts of Yugakure, watching everyone staring at the young shinobi, not knowing he was a missing-nin because most of Yugakure's population wasn't comprised mostly of shinobi, so not a lot of people could recognize him as a missing-nin, making Yugakure a great hiding place for Aitenshi from all the bounty hunters. While looking around, Aitenshi sees a shinobi trying to steal a wallet from an old lady. Aitenshi notices the shinobi and stops walking. He snaps his fingers into the air and a grey barrier starts forming around him. In very brief moments, the shinobi thief appears beheaded, and has fallen on the ground. Aitenshi walks up to the corpse and takes the wallet, and gives it back to the old lady. "A god has saved you today. I shall move on now." Aitenshi says as he starts walking out of Yugakure. He could then sense a giant source of chakra, which was unlike anything he has ever experienced before. Even without any sensor-type techniques, he was still able to sense it. He feels a pain in his head, it felt even worse than overdosing the Aqua of the Gods, which put him in a coma once. Aitenshi hears screaming inside his head, and his muscle veins start to bulge, as he remembers how he killed the shinobi that killed his family. Aitenshi screams as he sprouts 3 pairs of wings and starts flying towards the source of chakra.

"Hello! Hello!" he yelled out. Only to answered by his echoing voice in the silence. He looked around frantically, doing a full 360-degree turn. His long coat spinning around his legs. It was weird, everywhere he looked he saw nothing but a blinding whiteness that just went on forever.. He noted he wasn't even casting a shadow too. Where exactly am I he thought, forcing down the panic that had risen up into his stomach. Making him feel on edge. His breathing started to up its tempo too. Coming in fast and unsteady. No, he chided herself. Run you idiot. Run and calm yourself down. Walking slowly at first he picked the pace and then broke into sprint. His chest burning from the exertion. The shocking whiteness of where she was gave the illusion of her running on the spot. Going nowhere slowly. The only real proof of movement was the fact that his hair blew in the wind he created as he ran. Coming to a stop he stood on wobbly legs that soon gave in. Leaning on all fours, his hair was around his face like a gothic person as he breathed in deeply. Hungrily Desperate for oxygen. Sitting back on his heels she looked around once more. The run hadn't helped at all. If anything it increased his jitters. He then let out a panicked scream and shouted into the silence. "Where the hell am I?!" "Calm down, Kurai." Kurai froze at the sound of his name spoken by that deep, familiar voice.He stood up slowly, cautiously and turned to face that voice. His breath caught in her throat. Even though he hadn't seen him in what felt like forever he hadn't changed much, jet-black hair and dark black eyes. "You look horrid Imeeto-san" he said with a predatory sparkle in his eye, his head cocked to the side as he watched his former friend. Kurai looked at Imeeto with the usual crazy face. "We may share the village but you are no brother of mine." he said fiercely, draining the fear from his voice. All of the sudden those black eyes, became angry and very sadistic-like. Kurai smirked and than his face scrunched, the chakra that he suddenly felt made him shiver, " Imeeto do you feel that chakra? ", Kurai jumped to a tree and used his mind, to sense nearby beings. None how strange...I got to get out of hear or my plan is ruined.

" Bye...Imeeto hope to see you again " , He sped off and in the opposite direction of the large chakra wave.

The Villages frustration Edit

The giant rupture of chakra started to die down, as the screeching within peoples heads came to an end. The beam of blue chakra also starts to thin, as the energy slowly fades away as if it was never there. Finally the ability to sense the chakra has been nullified leaving no trace. Thousands of shinobi over the land start to question what had happened going into panic. Not only them but also common folk and villagers start to worry and spread rumors of what could have possibly happened. Soon enough the Kage start to discuss the event’s with there own village elders trying to figure out what to do. “Hokage sama the noise its stopped!” one of the konohagakure shinobi said. “Yes i see that, the only problem is we have no idea what even happened.” the hokage says. “Hurry call all the jonin and shinobi back to the village this is a priority alert, i need every single one of them back regardless of what they are doing.” he says in a firm voice as he stands up. “The Jinchuriki he has left the village to train what should we do with him” the shinobi said. “Round him up as well” the hokage said. Before Kengo got to far towards the area the surge came from a konoha shinobi appeared in a puff of smoke in front of him. “Im sorry but you must return to the village” he says.

Kengo had stopped and suppressed Kurama's power. He went with the Shinobi and they took him to his house where he entered and went directly onto his bed. All he did was look up to the ceiling, wondering what that beam of light could of been. Not wanting to worry about it he decided to take a walk outside.

Meanwhile the Hokage begins a meeting with the jonin of the village. "We don't know where this chakra came from and we have lost the trail, even our best sensors cannot locate it. We sent Naruto Uzumaki and his team towards where we last felt the chakra from. For now we will keep the village locked down, no one is allowed in or out of the village without going through proper security" the Hokages announces. "Lord Hokage there is something i need to add" a jonin member says. "Go ahead" he replies, "When i went to bring the jinchuriki of the kyuubi back to the village there was something odd. He was feral and his chakra was that of the fox itself. He seemed as if.... as if the chakra surge was calling out to him specifically, he was lost in himself and was headed towards the direction with full force." he says, "well, that is another thing i wish to say, that screeching sound that rang through your heads was actually a hidden message, we had our best investigation team work on it. They were able to locate the message within, "Find Me" is what it said" the Hokage says. He places his hands together thinking, "huh, ok for now i need you to keep watch of Kengo, if anything odd happens you will report it understand" he says. "Yes Hokage sama!" the jonin reports.

Aoi Vs Gengaku Edit

Back in Amegakure, Gengaku run's at full speed in the direction of the chakra, as the mud splatters with every step he takes. He was the closest then anyone else to the surge and pin pointed the chakra to its exact location. The clouds make it seem dark even though it is mid day, the rain continues. He leaps off a cliff and lands, in a wide open area with nothing but mud and rain within it. He stands and watches the area scanning it for any sign of chakra or a person containing massive amounts of chakra. Disappointment is shown in his eyes as his search for something great starts to fall. He crouches and places his left hand on the mud, "I know there is something here, please whatever you are come out let me find you" he says out loud to himself. He is met with silence he then closes his eyes as the sound of rain droplets hitting the med continues.

When the screeching stops, Aoi deactivates his sharingan, he then says to himself, "What the hell was that, my ears felt like they were being ripped off, what ever it was it had immense chakra." Aoi keeps on going to the sight where he believed the blue light and screeching sound came from. In shadow form, it would be hard for anyone to spot Aoi, as Aoi seemingly got closer to the spot where he believed the sound and light came from he notices something. A tall man, maybe about 6'6-6'7 the man stopped and said something, but Aoi didn't pay attention to what he said, what struck Aoi was the how tall the man was. He kind of fit the description of the man that Ame was talking about, but only his height. Aoi then solidifies and walks out into the open towards the man, he was itching to just see if this man was the dude that the people in Ame were talking about. As he got closer he says, "Hey, you, would you happen to be Gengaku, the dude that has been killing ninja after you from different villages?"

Gengaku simply ignores the man and stares at the mud all over the ground, after a moment of silence he begins to speak "What if i was, what does it matter to you anyway". He doesn't really think anything of the man as his main focus is on the chakra surge. "Where did it come from" he mutters under his breath.

"It matters because I like to fight, I like to fight strong people, and from what I heard, Raiden Hoshima was pretty strong until he came across you." Aoi says walking closer to the man, "From your posture, it seems like your trying to find out where that chakra came from, well I was too until I saw you, it came from somewhere around here, but I can't quite pinpoint where." The man wasn't a big fan of talking Aoi picked up from the mans response to the first question.

"Raiden Hosima?, ahhh i remember him the weak bastard he was worthless a waste of chakra" he says. "Yes i am searching for that chakra and you will leave it to me alone, now i don't care if you wish to fight strong people all you are doing is" he looks at Aoi "Annoying me" he says. "I only choose to fight people who have rare abilities, and by the look of you there is nothing special" he says.

"Ahh rare abilities you say, well..." Aoi's dark eyes then turn red and spin forming the Sharingan. "Does this count as a rare ability, I think it does since most of my clan is wiped out. I'm Aoi....Uchiha."

Gengaku see's his eyes change into the copy-wheel eye shocked, "Sharingan....., i have never seen one." He stands up "Ok Uchiha!! you have my attention, the chakra can wait this is a once in a lifetime opportunity" the sound of blood lust is in his voice. "Tell me Uchiha before i rip out your eyes, i thought your clan was supposed to be wiped out how did you survive, oh and also... do you want me to keep you alive when i take them, or should i kill you first" he says taking his eyes off of the sharingan and stares at Aoi's body instead.

"Well, since it's a pretty long story on how I survived, I will tell you after I beat you. Which means you won't be able to rip my eyes out." Aoi says getting into a fighting poster waiting for Gengaku to make the first move. "So, Gengaku, show me your power."

"Hmmm, well then better get to it" he immediately starts running in the direction of Aoi. "Now Uchiha you show me, SHOW ME THE POWER OF THE UCHIHA CLAN!!!" he says as he gets closer to Aoi at least 10 feet.

Aoi takes out 2 kunai with explosive tags and a wire attached to them, he the throws them towards Gengaku, one going to the left and one to the right. The kunai would snag Gengaku and wrap around him, then when Aoi wants he could explode the explosive tags.

Gengaku performs the snake seal, suddenly the mud from beneath them rises and forms a defensive wall. The kunai run into the wall and explode upon impact, after the explosion Gengaku literally jumps through the mud wall as it falls to the ground, preparing a powerful punch that would send Aoi several feet awake and break some ribs if it impacts. He is at least 3 feet away as he comes in to fast for someone to perform hand seals.

With his sharingan activates, it copies the hand seal and the technique and saves it. Aoi smiled as Gengaku comes towards him. When Gengaku was a few inches away from him, Aoi phases into the ground and Gengaku passes right over him. Aoi then comes back up right behind Gengaku, as he comes back up he spins, and does a spinning elbow aimed right for a pressure point in his neck. The force of the elbow would not only hit the point and cause a lot of pain, but send Gengaku flying a few feet. With Aoi less than a foot away and Gengaku's back to Aoi, it would be too late for Gengaku to react.

As the attack comes in a handful of Kikaichū come out at the point Aoi hits taking the blow instead dispersing them they soon the point where Aoi can see Gengaku, he stomps his foot on the ground and turns in a quick motion slamming his palm on Aoi's chest who can't see whats going on.

As soon as the hand touches Aoi, Aoi grabs Gengaku's hand with both hands, Aoi jumps while twisting counter clockwise to the left as if he was doing a cartwheel. When the spin is half way complete, Aoi positions his legs across Gengaku's chest to do a standing armbar. The leverage Aoi had at the moment was greater than Gengaku's strength, Aoi's pelvis was right at the elbow joint in Gengaku's arm.

Immediately after Aoi pulls off his movement the Kikaichū use this opportunity to pass through the space between Gengaku and Aoi to continue to block his vision. Using this position Gengaku's arm transforms into a mud like substance. This causes the arm to break into pieces and Aoi fall's from Gengaku. They bugs follow his eye's to keep him from using his visual prowess. As Aoi is mid air and falling he uses this moment to use a full force kick to Aoi's chest while his arm reforms.

Aoi was hit by the kick, it broke a few ribs, and sent him into the ground. But Aoi's adrenaline rush kept him from feeling the pain, instead Aoi counters by grabbing onto Gengaku's ankle and foot. His legs were crossed over Gengaku's thigh above his knee, and his pelvis were position at the knee of Gengaku. He also had his arms cuffed around his foot. Aoi then pushes his hips up, pushes down with his legs, and bends back himself and his arm. What would happen is Gengaku's leg would separate at his knee joint, the upper half of the leg going down, and the lower half going up. Then at his the leverage from the bending back motion would straighten his foot out and maybe break it to be linear to his leg. This was all a very quick motion.

His leg turned into mud before the Aoi could accomplish his task while the insects again covered his vision. Aoi yet again falls to the ground, though this time Gengaku completely turns into mud and combines with the mud within the ground making it difficult to tell where he is. Using this time the insects cover Aoi from head to toe as he reaches the ground.

Then the appears a few feet away, the bugs were covering a log, the moment the bugs started to cover him, Aoi used the Substitution. Aoi then scans the area with his sharingan while at the same time using Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique and shoots it at the bugs killing them as they came towards him. "Aburama Clan techniques I see."

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"Your quiet the observant one"

The bugs then disperse through the area, "Yes, your quiet the observant one" Gengaku's voice can be heard echoing through the battlefield. "So am i" his body reforms from the mud on the opposite of the battlefield. "So am i..... I think i have a grasp on your fighting style. It involves using that technique of yours to somehow phase through my attacks, then once you get in close you try to conserve chakra and use techniques which target my physical body using taijutsu maneuvers. Well im sorry to say that won't be working anymore" he stares at Aoi's feet but points at his chest where a weird seal is in place. "Remember when i placed my palm on you, it left something for you to fear. Your chakra is no longer safe, weather you use ninjutsu or not it will still degrade over time. Once you run out the battle shall be mine. Suddenly his bugs come out swarming over the area forming a sphere around Gengaku. After several seconds of the sphere blocking Aoi's site it dissipates as the insects flow back into his body, leaving a pale skinned Gengaku with white hair. "Now lets begin the real battle" he says.

"Yeah that was just warm ups." Aoi makes a few weird hand seals and then stops. He then runs towards Gengaku with his sword drawn.

Gengaku awaits for Aoi's move, standing as still as a statue

As Aoi gets closer, he weaves 4 more hand signs, saying to himself, "This seal will be some trouble if I don't end this fight soon"

Gengaku begins walking towards Aoi who is nearly there, his fist tighten as he prepares for battle.

Then, everything turns black, then all to familiar eyes start to pop up, the Sharingan. Gengaku was caught in a Genjutsu.

"Genjutsu hmm" Gengakus was able to tell right away as he has been placed in similar situations before. He closes his eyes as he concentrates his chakra flow stops as his insects within him apply there chakra to him. The current from the different chakra signature undoes the Genjutsu which sends him out "Release" he exclaims as he reopens his eyes and a whole tears within the darkness as the black area is lit by the lit of the real world, he then prepares for Aoi's assault.

When the whole was ripped, the genjutsu stops, and the whole that was created from the disruption of the genjutsu gets bigger and bigger, the blackness starts to recede. Aoi was still standing in the same spot just looking at Gengaku. Earlier on in the fight, Aoi some hand signs and stopped, what he did was created 2 Phantom Clones. When they were being made, they were phasing underground immediately underground, out of sight. While in the genjutsu, one of the clones came up from the ground silently and made a Doriru, the clone runs towards Gengaku while still breaking out of the genjutsu and is now 3 feet away about to drive the technique into his back.

As he comes back to the real world he is greeted from behind by Aoi's technique as the insects warn him. luckily though his chakra flow is cut off from the genjutsu and is unable to come back so fast, he uses the chakra from the Kikachu and channels it as he then exclaims "Doton: Dochū Senkō". As he says those words it's as of the ground turned to a liquid because he instantly fell through it like if it was water. The technique passes over his head as he sinks underground away from site. Using this opportunity Gengaku swarms underground as if it was an ocean moving at fast speeds. From behind Aoi he emerges with great speed and launches a full force punch enough to break his spinal column if it makes contact.

Aoi notices that Gengaku went underground, so he does some critical thinking, he looks around and doesn't see Gengaku come out anywhere so he thought quickly what a typical ninja would do hiding underground. Right when Gengaku came out of the ground behind Aoi is when Aoi moved, Aoi does a quick turn to look back and notices Gengaku coming up from where he was just standing. Aoi weaves 6 hands signs faster than the eye could see and Fire Release: Fire Dragon Roar, the intense flames go towards Gengaku covering a wide range. Since Gengaku was going upwards, his momentum would carry him into the air which would make it more harder for him to escape from this technique.

As Gengaku's momentum carried him up it's as if time slowed down, Aoi musters flames as Gengaku's momentum send's him up in the air. Using his momentum he was able to reach even higher altitudes at a great rate, he was able to fly above the flames before they hit as he goes high in the air. He had a secondary strategy in case it backfired showing he thinks on his feet. As Aoi was unleashing the technique, a clone of mud rises half way out of the ground still having the color of mud, it grabs Aoi's feet and and make's his feet very heavy. Gengaku then exclaim's "Doton: Sōdai Hashira" as he performed the four handseals fast. pillars rise from the ground all around Aoi who is engaging his fire technique and would not be able to release the technique fast enough to dodge and if he somehow was able to the mud clone holding his feet down would by enough time to have the pillars pierce his body.

Then the Phantom Clone that Aoi made earlier that attacked Gengaku comes in behind the mud clone and hits it with a Doriru. The hold was released and Aoi escapes before the pillars hit him, canceling his jutsu. Then Aoi looks up and sees that Gengaku was flying, he makes 2 clones and then one of them uses Water Release: Exploding Water Colliding Wave engulfing the whole area in about 10 to 15 feet of water, plus the raining. Aoi hid under water weaving specific hand signs, waiting on Gengaku to react to what he just did. Aoi's shadow clones are also in the water with him, they are also weaving hand signs. "This seal on my chest, it really isn't taking as much chakra as I thought, it is taking some, but little by little, I might need to cool it down on some of these higher rank techniques." Aoi thought to himself.

As soon as the water field becomes engulfed in water, Gengaku not wanting to look for Aoi performs the ram hand seal "Doton: Arijigoku no Jutsu" he yells. Beneath the water the ground opens up a pit which sucks in the ground and all the water like a whirlpool. everything in the area gets sucked up in the pit and if Aoi is underwater, he is at an even more disadvantage as the pressure from the water sucks him down regardless of his strength.

Then out of the whirlpool of water comes out 3 shadows Aoi and his 2 clones turned into shadows and flew into the air. Then they fly towards Gengaku at a high rate of speed, 2 of the Aoi's going around trying to flank from his left and right side. And 1 in the middle just straight charging for him, all of the shadows had 2 red spot in it signaling that the sharigan was still activated.

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As the clones fly out of the whirlpool

Gengaku stands still and prepares for the assault of the shadow's. He waits for them to strike and devises a new strategy for situation.

Then all 3 of them stop about 5 feet away from Gengaku and solidify their whole upper body. The two on the side weave 5 had signs and then 1 specific on that looks like a Yamanaka Clan hand sign for a Mind Transfer technique and they hold it. Then simultaneously they shoot a triangular beam larger than a person towards Gengaku. Then the Aoi in the middle gathers water and forms 2 water swords in his hands.

As the beams come towards him Gengaku at an incredible speed flies towards the ground evading them and in case they follow him he flies and goes back underground.

When Gengaku was making his way to the ground, one of Aoi's phantom clone which were still active during all this time just sitting and watching everything catches Gengaku flying into the ground face first. This was the 2nd clone that Aoi made, the one that didn't attack Gengaku from behind, this clone took spots all around the field and just watched noticed, waiting for its chance. The phantom clone uses Genjutsu: Sharingan right when he was about to enter the ground face first a few inches from the ground, the clone poked its face through the ground and looked straight at Gengaku with his sharingan. The genjutsu would just paralyze Gengaku and wouldn't kill him if it hit.

The Genjutsu hits and his body feels paralyzed as he falls to the ground though with his strong body he was able to survive the fall. He laid their not unable to move as Aoi now has advantage over the battle.

Aoi and all of his clones gather around Gengaku, in total there were 3 clones, 1 of the phantom clones was sucked by the earth release technique Gengaku used earlier. Not trusting that he was all the way down and he had a trick possibly, Aoi used Water Release: Slicing Water Dome Prison Technique and puts one of his shadow clones in with Gengaku. The shadow clone completely solidifies and turns Gengaku over, opens his eyes and uses Sharingan: Mind Reveal to surf his memories. If this was the real Gengaku then Aoi's clone could surf his mind for memories.

Gengaku was not the one to be caught so readily, Aoi surfed his mind. It was the real Gengaku who was trapped and Aoi was able to temporarily search his mind to see his strategy but it was to late as his plan was already in motion. His Kikaichū had taken him out of the Genjutsu as he laid there so he played being paralyzed. Unbeknownst to Aoi or his clones his insects had burrowed underground, while they were busy placing him in the dome. His insects were quietly and secretly crawling up the clones and Aoi. while at the same time Gengaku had release very thin threads of chakra. The strategy then comes into play, the insects drain chakra overtime as this happens they completely cover Aoi's leg and this drain combined with the seal cause his chakra to drain twice as much and unable to activate his shadow technique. The insect's on the clone's cover them entirely and since they absorb chakra they can't phase through and are simply destroyed to the smallest part. The strings then release a surge which causes and imbalance in the chakra ratio popping the dome. Now there is one more clone and Aoi cannot become a shadow as some of the insects had crawled inside him as well. Gengaku then uses this opportunity and run's through the clone straight for Aoi.

Since they all still had their sharingan activated, Aoi and his clones could see that Gengaku wasn't placed into a genjutsu. "Hey, he isn't in the genjutsu anymore, put him in another one then continue the mind reveal." Aoi says. The clone looks back and nods his head the clone then places Gengaku under Sharingan: Piercing Water Needles by grabbing his head and opening his eyes. The clone does it and places Gengaku under the genjutsu, "By the way, there are bugs crawling up your legs." The clone says as it gets ready to do the Mind Reveal technique again. Aoi looked down on his legs and could see the bugs crawling up his legs. Aoi and his clones use the Water Gathering Technique and gathers water around their legs drowning the bugs.

The insects however had already burrowed inside of Aoi so he still cannot turn into his shadow form as for the clones the insects absorbed them before they could use there ninjutsu killing them effectively covering them so they could not form hand seals this all happened before Aoi used his mind reveal. Gengaku was yet again placed in a Genjutsu but had a failsafe just in case. He had also created a clone as he laid face down, it went underground just waiting. As the clones were destroyed his clone rose from the ground and activated an earth pillar which pierced the dome destroying it. During this chance the bugs that killed the clones flew and completely covered Gengaku as they begin to place there chakra in him. The clone then ran toward's Aoi's clone.

Since Gengaku was put into the Piercing Water Needles, his bugs wouldn't have input enough chakra into him in time to break him out of the part when the genjutsu causes him to pass out. For the clone, Aoi simply pulls out a sword and slices it in half.

The clone reforms from the mud and as it turns around the insects that killed the other clone swarms around this clone causing it to be destroyed as well. With the Gengaku's clone faces the real Aoi. The real Gengaku laid there unconscious, "where am i" he seem's to be walking in an area that is pitch black. "I fell for that genjutsu, such a fool i am that shows that my power is not absolute yet". He begins to walk in the dark world then he see's the backside of a child. The child posses black hair and seem's to wear dark grey clothes which is barely visible in this world. "Uh little brother" he says to himself, he begins to walk faster and faster until he reaches the boy. He grabs the boy by his shoulder and turns him around suddenly the child vanished before he could see his face. "Little brother, i failed you my power wasn't strong enough this Uchiha his power's of visual prowess are powerful but that's all he has. If it was not for his sharingan i would be winning this battle."

"What have i been doing this whole time, my gaining power and what to lose to a simple fool like him." He looks up and see's the boy again this time facing him looking into his face. "No i see now, this is not the day i lose, this is the day that i prove my power can even truimp over the Sharingan i rare feat. Thank you little brother for restoring my will, thank you Yuraga. Back in the real world Gengaku's body stands up on pure will alone, then his eyes open "Now Uchiha let's end this battle of ours, i must say your power's of illusions are grand but they will not effect me again." he says as he runs towards Aoi looking at his feet.

"Hmm, seems like your able to stand up on will power alone, I don't need illusions or even the sharingan to beat someone." Aoi says as he pulls out this sword and deactivates his sharingan. Reason was because he was running low on chakra, "I can say I have enjoyed this battle, but all good things must come to an end, one of us will stand, and one will fall." Aoi says as he weaves the release hand sign making the sword burst into a poof of smoke. The smoke covers Aoi and his sword, as Gengaku was coming in.

Gengaku stops before entering the smoke filled area, "Yes and it will be you who will fall". "Come out and lets settle this" unbeknownst to them both the ground beneath them is slightly beginning to crack.

Aoi then steps out of the smoke spinning a weird shaped sword, it has a large circle at the hilt of hit and Aoi was spinning it with his finger. "We will see about that." Aoi says as he just stands there spinning the sword.

Gengaku prepares for the assault, but as both shinobi prepare for the final attack the ground beneath them begins to shack and crack before long the entire area begins spiralling inwards as a pit is created swallowing both warriors underground as they fall into the hole which seem's like an endless fall.

"Well looks like we both fell
...........................Pun intended." Aoi says being the unpredictable person he was.

As the seemingly endless fall continues it soon begins to reach it's end. Both men finally reach the bottom. It's a dark gloomy cave, what's worse is that it appears to be ice cold down there as much of the ground has fresh ice over it. "Where are we" he says out loud to himself. His eyes begin to peer around the cave, searching for something.

Found the Secret Edit

"I have no idea, but I think we should postpone out little fight for later." Aoi says as he activates his sharingan again to look for his sword and around where they were. He finds his sword about 15 feet away from where they fell and picks it up, putting it back on his back. Aoi looks around again while walking back towards Gengaku.

"Has this cave always been here u on the outskirts of Amegakure. If so then why is it until now that it barely uncovered itself" he says out loud to himself. His eyes continue to roam around the enormous cave as he tries to figure out why that chakra surge from earlier has appeared. "Uchiha, your sharingan eyes, do..... do they see any signs of chakra down here different from out own." he says to Aoi

Aoi looks around, "No, I see nothing, or at least anything my sharingan can pick up. We should stay alert, its dark in here.. oh and can you remove this seal from my chest. If its something here, this thing will limit me from doing anything if its sucking more and more of my chakra." Aoi says looking at Gengaku

He performs the one handed tiger seal, "Now that would truly be a stupid thing to do, however it seem's something is about to happen and i think it would be interesting to see what happens" the seal then fades away from Aoi's body. Though it leaves Aoi with about 15% chakra, enough to sustain the Sharingan but not enough to perform to many techniques. Suddenly the dark room is lit up from a bluish light coming from behind both men. It creates a gust of wind which causes there hair to blow around. Gengaku then turns around and see's that the light is coming from a tree. The tree has a blue aura around it as a small humming sound begins. "That chakra, it's the one from before" he says. But it is only a tree, how is this chakra coming from it?" he asks rhetorically as he knows Aoi does not know either.

Aoi was just staring at the light, "Th.......thats a massive amount of chakra." Aoi says as his eyes widen and sweat starts to roll down his face.

Gengaku's steps create the sound of cracking as the ice beneath them behinds to thaw at an alarming rate. His eyes ever so focused on the tree, it's power so immense that to him, his and Aoi's power seem a trivial thing. The gust of air continues to flow through the room, as the closer they move towards the tree the stronger the wind current. The tree's ever so quiet humming begins to rise while the chakra aura around it spread's out ever so more. "This power, this is what ive been waiting for this tree it's mine and all of it's power!" he announces as it echoes through the cave. His eye's shoot in the direction of Aoi. "So leave this place consider this your free pass, i will not pursue you as long as you never return to this location or Amegakure" he says as he moves his head back towards the tree.

"Hmm, well unfortunately I'm not leaving, this is just the power I am looking for." Aoi says as he starts for tree in a casual walk. "This power, is greater than the 9-Tails, I must get to it." as his casual walk turns into a dash towards the tree.

Seeing this Gengaku to darts towards the tree trying to reach it before Aoi. As they are about to reach it Gengaku using his larger build stands out a little more and reaches the tree a fraction of a second before Aoi placing his open palm on it. This must have triggered something as suddenly a massive force similar to the ability Shinra Tensei is generated from the tree only effecting Aoi.

As Aoi is pushed back 20 feet before he recovers, the force cracks a few more ribs, causing more pain from his already broken ribs. "ERRRGGG, what was that, and why did it only affect me, damn him and his large stature." Aoi says as he slowly gets back up, he looks at what was happening to Gengaku.

Suddenly the aura that was building from the tree dies out, the chakra that was flowing from the tree vanishes without a trace. "No what happened, what did you do" he yells to Aoi out of anger. "No come back, i want that power!" his grip on the tree starts to make cracks in the bark. His hand then slowly retreats from the trees surface. He stares at the palm of his hand as he wonders what he will do now "Its over i guess, well Uchiha it seem's i will take your eyes after all seeing as im not ending this day without obtaining something." he said with his back turned to Aoi, he faces Aoi looking only at his feet. "That sharingan will have to do though i would have preferred what this tree had to offer."

"Ehh, thats not happening my friend." Aoi says he he disappears standing on top of the whole. He then say, "I guess I will see ya around sometimes." Aoi says as he disappears again.

However since they were near the the center of the earth, the hole was miles up . "No your not leaving that easy" he says as he charges towards Aoi. Though before he reached Aoi they were both greeted by a voice, "Why are you two fighting, this place is sacred ground please dont fight" a mans voice is heard from an unknown location.  Gengaku stopped is his tracks "Where are you" he said to the voice. "Me im everywhere hahahahaha ...... but if you turn around i think you might be able to find me" the voice says in a cheerful voice. Gengaku turns to the direction of the tree as a white human figure emereges. He comes out head first, then as his hands emerge they push off of the tree as if pulling his legs out. They pop out in a quick motion, as he lands on the ground. "So you guys are the ones who found this place, that means its up to you." the white man says.

"Up to us, you say, up to us to do what?" Aoi says getting back up after attempting to leave.

"You guys were the first ones here, you followed that signal did you not?" he says, and "excuse me my name is Zetsu. Now that your here you can fulfill your new purpose in life."

"Zetsu you say, I have heard that name before, wasn't it Zetsu that was in the 4th Shinobi war, I thought the 5 Great Nation wiped you out." Aoi says to Zetsu. "And new purpose, what new purpose, what will we do?" Aoi then says with a firm tone.

Zetsu gives a little smirk "Both of you as i can tell want power dont you. If you do what i say i can give you that power that led you here. Now what do you say hmmm " he says. Gengaku at first hesitant ask "What power can you offer us, and why should i trust you." he says in a serious tone. "It doesn't matter if you trust me or not but if you want greater power and purpose you will do what i say" zetsu says as if he has power over them both. "What would you have me do" Gengaku replies, "Simply walk over there and replace your hand on the tree" he says. Gengaku started towards the tree, as he approached it he moves his hand to it but stops a few inches away. "If you betray me or don't do as you promise, ill kill you my self" he says. "Uh uh uh" zetsu says moving his index finger side to side "I need both of you to touch the tree otherwise the deal is off." he says

"If its more power, then sure, I will do anything you says." Aoi says as his Sharingan glares. He walks to the tree and looks at Zetsu and says, "Dido to what the big guy said, if you screw me, I will be sure to rip that smirk clean off of your face." Aoi says as he places his hand on the tree.

Gengaku places his hand simultaneously with Aoi, at first nothing happened suddenly both men appeared in a new world. Everything was white with nothing else in site, no floor no object completely empty but them.

"What the hell is this Zetsu?" Aoi says as he looks around. He could only see the chakra of Gengaku and that was it.

No noise was heard from Zetsu "What is this place, hmmm it's a genjutsu" he said "A very powerful genjutsu my bugs are barely able to tell that must be why your sharingan can't see through it" he said

"A genjutsu my sharingan can't see through, hmm, this is my first time I have been placed in a genjutsu ever since I have had my sharingan." Aoi says. "He needs to cut to the chase and give us the power we want." Aoi says.

"Something tells me that obtaining whatever power he talks of won't be so easy" he says. "Well are you ever going to come out Zetsu" Gengaku says. After a moment of silence he begins to get frustrated "Where are you, why are we here, what is this purpose, and Where is this power?!!!!" Gengaku blurts. "This power you seek, well......" Gengaku turns around to see a decrepit old man standing "Im the one who will grant it towards you, only if you let my will consume you and do my bidding" the man says as he opens one of his eyes revealing a sharingan.

Aoi's eyes widen, he was very surprised to see that an Uchiha. "You.......your an Uchiha?" Aoi says looking very surprised and dumbfounded. Aoi looks dead straight into the eyes of the unknown Uchiha and says, "You being as old as you are, you must be some kind of legend." Aoi says as he starts to walk towards the Uchiha as if he was drawn to him.

"It seem's people dont know who i am because of my old age, the young appearance i use to have is what people most know me by." he says then in an instant the old man before them was gone, replaced by a younger version of himself with long black hair. "Does this give you a refresher" he says with a smirk on his face.

As soon as he sees who it was he instantly falls to his knees, "You......your Uchiha Madara. There is no way I could not know who you are now, whatever you want, I will do it, as long as I get my power." Aoi says looking at Madara with this serious look. "But, what happened, I thought you died like 100 years ago, killed by Hashirama."

His eyes look fierce as he says "Never mention that name around me again". He then begins to talk to them as he calms down. "Hmmm it seem's the tree has begun its first stages of transformation, such a pity it was only to activate if Obito failed in reviving me. Tell me what has happened to this world, your of the Uchiha Clan what fate has bestowed our beloved clan" he says. "Obito Uchiha, he was a man who started the Fourth Great Shinobi War ten years ago, he lost and was killed." Gengaku said looking at Aoi to answer Madara's other questions.

"The Uchiha Clan." A silence of about 10 seconds occurred, "Was wiped out by an Uchiha." Aoi says looking down clinching his fist as in his head old memories of his family and friends come up. Then a sinister smile comes across his face, "But, if it wasn't for the massacre, I would of never awakened my Sharingan." Aoi says looking at Madara.

"So it seems some of the plan was still fulfilled" he says regarding the Uchiha massacre. "Obito i should have never put my trust in him, because of him i had to refer to this backup" he said. "Madara, weren't you revived during the war, enough now you start answering my questions!!" Gengaku announces. "First why are we here to begin with, and arent you suppose to be dead" says Gengaku.

"Hmmm i see so it seem's Obito did not betray me, he simply failed, pathetic" says Madara. "Fine your worth at least some answers, Many years ago i fell at the hands of Hashirama Senju. Though most thought my death was the end result of this battle, but in truth i survived and gained dna from Hashirama. I survived over the course of decades and entrusted a plan to Obito Uchiha. This plan was to override this reality with my Tsukuyomi creating a dream world where reality has no presence, thereby creating a new reality. Though i died of my old age and left the rest of the plan to Obito, however i was not going to leave the entire fate of this world to him. In case something was to go wrong i tore a piece of the Gedo Mazo, which was the body of the Juubi. I mixed it with both mine and Hashirama's dna activating a technique which if the original body of the Juubi was destroyed, the severed part i had would start to reconstruct the body by forming a tree. Once this tree was ready it sent a signal throughout the shinobi world of chakra, i know this world and shinobi want nothing but power of course they would be drawn to it. Which is how you two arrived, and now its time for you to do my bidding. I left a Genjutsu which would activate upon anyone coming into contact with the tree. Now here we are, you two will do what i say and in return i will grant you power you never dreamed of." Madara says

"Will you really grant us this power, or use us just as a mean to get power all for yourself?" Aoi asks Madara. "Because if you are just using us as a mean to get power all for yourself then there is no point to at least me joining this plan, the power we would obtain would only be temporary." Aoi states.

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