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"A devastating beauty, with dark charisma."

"Pleasure before battle."
Naru Osaka's catch phrase

Naru Osaka
Naru Osaka
Seductive Beauty
Name Naru Osaka
Kanji 生る大阪 · 大坂
Personal Status
Birthdate October 22
Age 22
Gender Female
Height 6'3
Weight 120 lb
Blood Type O
Hometown Power Village
Home Country Kumogakure
Affiliation Kumogakure, Akatsukinosora, Osaka Clan, Power Village
Previous Affiliation N/A
Clan Osaka Clan
Occupation Akatsukinosora Member
Previous Occupation N/A
Team Akatsukinosora
Previous Team N/A
Partner Osho Fusaku
Previous Partner N/A
Family Osaka Clan
Rank Jonin
Classification Kunoichi
Ninja Registration N/A
Academy Grad. Age N/A
Chūnin Prom. Age N/A
Jōnin Prom. Age N/A
Kekkei Genkai N/A
Kekkei Tōta Power Release
Tailed Beasts N/A
Hiden Techniques N/A
Nature Type Lightning Release, Fire Release, Yin Release
Jutsu N/A
Weapons Chakra Detachable Bo Staff

Naru Osaka is a devastatingly beautiful and sensually manipulative of the Akatsukinosora, usually residing in their Land of Lightning faction, but occasionally doing work for their Land of Fire faction.  Her exact location of residence is in Power Village, which was named after her Clan's Kekkei Tota.  She's a member of the prominent Osaka Clan, and one of the few to inherit their Kekkei Tota, Power Release, which combines together the three elements Lightning Release, Fire Release, and Yin Release Chakra; because of this, she's also very notable in using all three of those natures, especially Lightning Release. 

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  • Naru's official theme song, as chosen by the author, is the song Fever from Bullet for my Valentine's album Fever. 
  • Naru's infobox picture is taken from the character Leone from the anime and manga series Akame ga Kill. 
  • Naru's Kekkei Tota, Power Release, is taken, with automatic permission, from User;Omnibender'stable of possible releases over on Narutopedia.