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Shadow techniques are hiden Yin-Yang Release techniques of the Nara Clan which are passed on verbally instead of taught through literary means.

These techniques were originally created for stalling, as stated by Shikamaru Nara during the invasion of Kohona by Orochimaru during the first part of the series however, they can also be used to kill and combo attacks among other things.

Unlike other techniques, they have a time limit on how long they can last, getting weaker the more they are used and using a considerable amount of chakra.

As implied by the name, these techniques rely on shadows for their effeciency, starting with the caster's shadow and using it to snare the shadows of opponents and the range can be extended by the shados of other objects.

Although they are powerful, many particularly powerful Shinobi such as Naruto Uzumaki have broken free realitively easily or managed to struggle long enough to tire out the caster or otherwise buy time for the shadow to retret back to it's owner.


Fanon Character UsersEdit

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