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Naga Family
Name Naga Family
Kanji 雄家族
Rōmaji Naga Kazoku
Literal English Hero Family
Other Name(s) Privileged Family
Members Akio Naga
Aimi Naga
Affiliation Land of Lightning

The Naga Family has been known to be a 'royal' family of Kumogakure. This is because they have been known to be selected for the Raikage position by the Lighting Daimyo. So a member of the family will most likely be in line for the Raikage position.


The family was created around the same time that Kumogakure was established. They helped the building process of the village and had taken in various parts of Kumo's history, being in the background. They were the backbone of the village and were the ones that truly ruled it. All of the other Raikages were not in true control, the Naga family was. They knew secrets that the Daimyo would have never of told any of them.

After the last Raikages death, the Naga family thought it would be a good time to take their rightful place. The lightning Daimyo instantly agreed for a Naga to become the Raikage. That Naga would be, Akio Naga.

The Naga family has created plenty of techniques that seems that only Raikage know of. The first being the Lightning Release Armour and the second being the Hell Stab.


The Naga Family has been known for their Lightning Release Affinity. It also seems that every and all members have this, and they will be gifted a second of something else.

Lightning ReleaseEdit

Since they are born with Lightning, they are much more advanced in it. They are able to amplify any Lightning Technique and make the color of it, from blue to yellow. This will make any Lighting Technique much more powerful, and more likely to kill.

Some think this is a Kekkei Genkai but, it's only because they have an Affinity right from birth and don't need any practice to master it. Much Chunin of the Family have already master the Lightning based techniques.

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