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Mysterious Peacock Method
Peacock Method
Name Mysterious Peacock Method
Kanji 孔雀妙法
Literal English Mysterious Peacock Method
Other Name(s) Ninja Art: Kujaku
Hand Seals Technique Specific hand seal
Type Supplementary
Classification Ninjutsu, Kinjutsu, Fighting Style
Derived jutsu Mysterious Peacock Method: Apparition
Mysterious Peacock Method: Beast Mysterious Peacock Method: Join
Mysterious Peacock Method: Choke
User(s) Ukiuki

A trademark of Hoshigakure, this technique utilises the Chakra-enhancing radiation of a meteorite, that fell 200 years prior to the start of the series, to give the user an enormous amount of chakra. The technique itself manifests in the form of a feather-shaped array behind the Hoshigakure ninja and spreading out from behind them like a peacock's tail feathers, hence the name. This chakra is easily manipulated into various shapes to create techniques, making it one of the most versatile jutsu around. These techniques are honed through Star Training, which requires the ninja to spend large amounts of time focusing on their chakra and meditating in the presence of the meteorite. The meteorite's radiation greatly improves the user's chakra, but is incredibly damaging to their physical body. The body of anyone attempting to master the technique would eventually take its toll if the trainee fails to complete the training soon, and those who do master it perish a few years after that. This led the Third Hoshikage to eventually ban the training. With the meteor's destruction after Akahoshi's defeat, the training became lost forever.

While most Hoshigakure ninja do not seem to show much damage from the technique, at least three (including Sumaru's father, Hotarubi, who dies from extensive exposure), show severe physical trauma.

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