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Muscle Enhancement Technique
Name Muscle Enhancement Technique
Rank B
Range Close Range
Type Medical Ninjutsu
Parent jutsu Medical Ninjutsu
User(s) Tokiume Mato

Muscle Enhancement Technique is a Medical Ninjutsu ability developed and used by Tokiume Mato


This is a simple yet useful technique, which allows Tokiume to artificially increase her physical strength by rapidly expanding the size of her muscles for a limited time.  Although similar to her Body Exhaustion technique, it's much safer to use due to it only expanding the strength of her muscles, (and not nearly to the extent that the Body Exhaustion technique does), which is why it's not considered to be a Forbidden Technique.  This technique, along weith the Bone Enhancement Technique, are the two which Tokiume tends to go for first before resorting to the Body Exhaustion technique. 

Known UsersEdit

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