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Multiple Array Finger Strike
Name Multiple Array Finger Strike
Rank S+
Range All Ranges
Type Offensive
Classification Taijutsu
Parent jutsu Open Palm Strike
One Finger Strike
Two Finger Strike
Three Finger Strike
Four Finger Strike
User(s) Rya Ryu

Multiple Array Finger Strike is a powerful Taijutsu technique developed and used by Rya Ryu of the Jeagers


This technique takes the mastery of all of the other techniques prior to it--Open Palm Strike, One Finger Strike, Two Finger Strike, Three Finger Strike, and Four Finger Strike--and amplifies it many times over.  The enemy will be bombarded with every single one of these previous techniques, all at once, all over their body.  Although this technique is powerful, it does cause incredible strain on the body of the user, even for someone as powerful as Rya Ryu, so it can only be used as a last resort; not as much of a last resort as the Eight Gates, but still almost at the end of the fight when he's at the end of his ropes.  Once used, he can't use anymore high powered high speed Taijutsu techniques again for a few days.  However, if he succeeds with it then the cost is definitely worth it. 

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