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Monkey See Monkey Do Technique
Name Monkey See Monkey Do Technique
Kanji 猿は猿技法を行います参照し
Literal English Monkey See Monkey Do Technique
Rank D-Rank
Range Short Range
Type Ninjutsu
Classification Suppkementary
User(s) Waku
Monkey King 1
Monkey King 2
Monkey King 3
Monkey King 4
Monkey King 5
Monkey King 6
Monkey King 7
Monkey King 8
Monkey King 9

By weaving 3 hand signs, the user transfers chakra into their eyes and copies a taijutsu technique, and hand signs. The chakra copies the taijutsu technique, or hand signs and stores it in their mind, but the thing is, the chakra can only stay in the eye for 10 seconds, then it goes away. They can do it again, but since it isn't a dojutsu they are really straining their eyes doing this.

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