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Monkey Art: Spitfire
Name Monkey Art: Spitfire
Kanji 猿芸術:短気者
Literal English Monkey Art: Spitfire
Rank C-Rank
Range Short to Mid Range
Type Ninjutsu
Classification Offensive
User(s) Waku
MonkeysMonkey King 1
Monkey King 2
Monkey King 3
Monkey King 4
Monkey King 5
Monkey King 6
Monkey King 7
Monkey King 8
Monkey King 9

This technique was created by the Monkeys from Jungle of the Monkeys. By kneading chakra in their stomach, the user then takes a deep breath and shoots out this ball or stream of spit that isn't sticky like Monkey Art: Spitfire. Instead of being sticky, it is corrosive, which means it eats away at things it hit. This technique can only be used in Sage Mode, and only Monkey Sage Mode. A way to stop this technique is using solid things, something metal.

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