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Monkey Art: Picking Technique
Name Monkey Art: Picking Technique
Kanji 猿の芸術:摘むテクニック
Literal English Monkey Art: Picking Technique
Rank C-Rank
Range Short Range
Type Ninjutsu
Classification Supplementary
User(s) Waku
Monkey King 1
Monkey King 2
Monkey King 3
Monkey King 4
Monkey King 5
Monkey King 6
Monkey King 7
Monkey King 8
Monkey King 9

This technique was made by the Monkeys of Jungle of the Monkeys, this technique is used to increase the grip of the users hands and feet. The user can climb trees, and other surfaces with this technique. To perform the technique, the user focuses chakra into their hands and feet, then they focus the chakra onto their hands to make it to where their hand is rough, then he converts the chakra into barbs on his hands for extra grip.

This can be used in conjunction with Monkey Art: Monkey Fist to rip things off the user, including their skin.

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