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Momose Steph
Momose Steph
Name Momose Steph
Kanji N/A
Romanji Steph Momose
Personal Status
Birthdate October 31
Age 15
Gender Female
Height 5'8
Weight 111 lb
Blood Type B
Hometown Tanzaku Town
Home Country Land of Fire
Affiliation Akatsukinosora
Previous Affiliation Konohagakure,

Team Mizuakari

Clan N/A
Occupation Shinobi,

Akatsukinosora Affiliate

Previous Occupation N/A
Team Akatsukinosora
Previous Team Team Mizuakari
Partner Fukanouji Mizuakari
Previous Partner N/A
Family N/A
Rank Chunin
Classification Shinobi
Ninja Registration 8
Academy Grad. Age 13
Chūnin Prom. Age 15
Jōnin Prom. Age N/A
Kekkei Genkai N/A
Kekkei Tōta N/A
Tailed Beasts N/A
Hiden Techniques N/A
Nature Type N/A
Jutsu Cat Genjutsu
Genjutsu of Ten Thousand Flower Petals
Bringer-of-Darkness Technique
Demonic Illusion: Tree Binding Death
Demonic Illusion: Tree Binding Death Explosion
String Bean Binding Illusion
Clone Technique
Genjutsu: False Death
Weapons Kunai,


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"Underneath a cold heart of aspiration lies eyes of a beautiful spring."
— Jak

Momose Steph is a 15 years old female Shinobi formally of Konohagakure.  During those times she was a member of the second incarnation of Team Mizuakari under Fukanouji Mizuakari, and appeared to have a strange infatuation with him, although constantly claims that it's just a deep amount of loyalty and respect for his strength and purpose.  After he went rouge she followed him, much to his initial objection, and is currently living with him and Shun Mizuakari in Tanzaku Town, which technically also makes her an Akatsukinosora affiliate, albeit not directly.  She's trained  purely in Taijutsu, and her Taijutsu skills are shown being oddly advanced for her rank. 


Momose Steph3

Momose's full appearance

Considered to be beautiful and charming by most people who meet her, Momose is a fairly tall woman with pure black, long, wavy hair, which is usually tied into a large ponytail behind her, and large, round, grey eyes with black pupils, dark skin, an ornimate in her hair, and is always seen wearing a standard unfiorm for her clan, due to her being part of a lower level aristocratic family, which consists mainly of a large, long, black coat with white linnings on the edges, with a belt in the center holding it on  her, with grey pants underneath of it, white socks, and grey boots.  When she's wearing her Taijutsu Attire a large tattoo of a spider can be seen covering her back, as well as a tattoo of a snake curling all the way around her waist.  She has average sized breasts, and has an ear ring dangling from each ear.  She also wears two white gloves. 

When she's not on duty or on an important mission she removes her clan's attire, revealing what's underneath of it; a tight, white, sleeveless shirt, with yellow around the edges, which is short enough to reveal her belly button, but just barely, and nothing more.  Momose usually holds a frown of either anger, sadness, or concern on her face due to her constantly worrying about Fukanouji's safety, but occasionally removes it and transforms it into a smile when she' sactually with him.  As a child she retained her long, wavy, black hair in a ponytail, (albeit a much smaller ponytail), and was almost alway sseen smiling unless she was seeing those she loves or otherwise cares about being harmed by someone else. 


Momose has
Momose Steph4

Momose's casual attire

a very caring personality and, even though she's an affiliate of the Akatsukinosora, always willing to help others if they're being attacked by enemy Shinobi or Samurai, which she's become well known for within Tanzaku Town, knowbody realizing that she was actually an Akatsukinosora member.  She has a kind heart, which is often cleverly and successfully disguised by an exterior coldness, which she shows off for several reasons.  The first reason is so her enemies wont' underestimate her and take advantage of her kind heart for their own purposes and victory, but the second and biggest reason is so that no men end up hitting on her, thinking that she's a cold hearted bitch; this is due to her constantly being hit on by other men during her time in Konoha, and her desire to end that permanently now that she's gone rouge, mainly due to her infatuation with Fukanouji, but also due to her not wanting to be discovered as a rouge.  Her personality and tendency to help out has not only given her great praise from the citizens of Tanzaku Town, but also great praise and thanks from the law inforcement of Tanzaku Town, and they even made her an honorary member; she purposley attempted this so that she could get more cover. 

Momose, albeit unoticable on the outside, is actaully very insecure about her personality and her own strength.  Although she claims that she's not actually "depressed" at this, it does appear that way to others.  Fukanouji, due to him caring for his old student, is always attempting to make her feel better about herself; although it's 50/50 weather it actaully works or not, this is probably the cause, besides his strength, of her deep infatuation with him. 



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  • Momose Steph's infobox picture is taken from the character Narvi Stryze from the anime and manga series Broken Blade. 

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