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Mizuakari Clan
Name Mizuakari Clan
Kanji 水明かり · 水明り
Literal English Faint Reflection of Light Upon the Water in the Dark/The Light that Covers the Dark
Members Fukanouji Mizuakari(Active), Hoheto Mizuakari(Active), Shun Mizuakari(Active), Fukanouji's Father(Deceased), Fukanouji's Mother(Deceased), Fukanouji Clan Elder(Deceased)
Affiliation Konohagakure, Land of Fire
Kekkei Genkai Fluid Release

The Mizuakari Clan was one of the ancient clans which has records that dates back before the First Great Shinobi World War, which occasionally aided the Senju in the Senju Uchiha disputes when they had to, but usually preferred to remain nutural to all of the fighting.  They were always a rare clan which produced many Shinobi as ell as many Samurai, and a select few members who had the abilities of both Shinobi and Samurai. 



Known MembersEdit

Name Classification Status
Fukanouji Mizuakari Shinobi/Samurai Active/Defected
Hoheto Mizuakari Samurai Active
Shun MIzuakari Shinobi Active
Fukanouji's Father Shinobi/Samurai Deceased
Fukanouji's Mother Shinobi Deceased
Fukanouji Clan Elder Shinobi/Samurai Deceased


  • Mizuakari means "Faint Reflection of Light Upon the Water in the Dark" although the original intention for it's meaning was "The Dark that Covers the Light." 

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