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Nature Icon Water Mist Clones
Name Nature Icon Water Mist Clones
Rank A
Range N/A
Type Supplemental
Classification Bunshinjutsu
Chakra Nature Nature Icon Water Water Release
Parent jutsu Nature Icon Water Water Clone Technique
User(s) Kenshin


A technique that collects humidity from the area and condenses it into the form of whatever the caster  wants as opposed to other clone techniques which only creates a clone of the original over the course of thirty seconds, making it the most versitial of the clone techniques. It also doesn't have the weakness of the Water Clone Technique that is, it can go far from it's creator without being destroyed, even farther than the normal Shadow Clone in fact and cannot normally be destroyed when in humid places however, it cannot survive in places with no humidity such as the Land of Wind. When it is destroyed, the clone releases mist into the area that covers a radius equal to the amount of chakra and humidity that was used to create the clone. 

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