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Mind Locking Technique
Name Mind Locking Technique
Kanji ロックテクニックマインド
Literal English Mind Locking Technique
Other Name(s) Genjutsu: Mind Binding Technique
Rank S Rank
Hand Seals Tiger→Ram→Boar
Range Close
Type Supplementary
Classification Ninjutsu, Genjutsu
Parent jutsu Mind Body Disturbance Technique
User(s) Yuuka Uchiha


After making the necessary hand seals the user will focus their chakra into both of their palms. They will then need to touch their opponents head with only them need to touch and pulse that chakra directly to the brain.

Once the chakra had been inserted to the victims brain they they will be taken over by a Genjutsu. The Genjutsu is heavily influenced by the Yamanaka Clan's Mind Body Disturbance Technique but has a different effect. The victims mind will go into a type of "lockdown", which means that the victim will instantly fall to the ground and can't move a single muscle.

As the Genjutsu is taking effect, the victim will start to imagine that they will gain the advantage in the situation of the event when the Genjutsu took over, But in reality the user can easily kill the victim. The chance of the victim breaking out is slim to non, because the chakra is literately surrounding the victims mind. The chakra will eventually wear off within exactly 3 seconds.

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