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Metal Release
Name Metal Release
Kanji 金遁
Rōmaji Kinton
Literal English Metal Release
Other Name(s) Advanced Steel Release
Clan None

Metal Release (金遁, Kinton) is an advanced nature that combines Earth and Fire based chakras to create Metal even though it can be used without knowledge of those two natures. Though it seems that people can learn the Kekkei Genkai and use it with Earth and Lightning chakra instead of using fire. Users of this Kekkei Genkai have the ability to manipulate all types of metals on a molecular scale when they touch them. They can control the properties such as making it into a liquid to making it very bendable while having the ability to instantly rebuild it. The user also has the ability to completely reshape all types of metals along with creating any metal from the earth, as also being able to change the metal into a different metal. When a user where to change the shape of a metal object than they will have to go off the idea of equivalent exchange, meaning that they cannot add onto the metal without surrounding earth or through a special technique.

It seems as though people can be born with this Kekkei Genkai meaning that the technique take around the normal technique chakra usage. Though it seems as though people that don't have the blood for this Kekkei Genkai also have the ability if they have both Fire and Earth, but they would need to be taught from one that has already been taught the Kekkei Genkai or taught it.

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