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  • Why did you ban me from chat for no reason?

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  • Hello! 

    Earlier, we were playing around on the chat. I think Boredfan misclicked you by accident. Is there any way things can be made up between the two of you? 


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  • Add me as an admin! I can add more screenshots and even videos now.

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  • Your leaving and returning to the chat a lot so I figured we could talk here.

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  • I think the youtube template is broken or something, it's not functioning like it did in the past, now if you click on it, it immediately redirects you to the video on Youtube so there is no way to play it here without auto play which sucks.

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  • I wanna apply to be allowed to create an Uchiha. I quite new to this so I don't really know the procedure for this but I hope to hear back from you.

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    • ask User:Boredfan1 sorry but im a little bust at the moment. :D

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    • I'll just handle it here rather than having you make a new thread on my wall. There is no special way to do it though the best would be to put it like below.

      You're Usersname: (Encase of name change)

      Character's Age: 

      Good or evil?:

      Home country:




      Team: (Optional)



      Briefly expain why you wish to have an Uchiha:

      How will you use it?:

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  • ey sage is this where I put in for the Uchiha app or is it somebody else?

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  • Can you make an infobox for Chirigakure so I don't have to use the neutral info box for my characters? It's not a finished village but hopefully it will be used by everyone once it is.


    =Lord of the bored, User:Boredfan1= 05:31, February 27, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Can I request an Uchiha character?

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  • Okami22 Request for the Rinnegan

    Applying Character: Kenshi Uchiha

    Inspection Technique: Pain Infliction Technique, The technique require the Human Path, in which it is able to cause pain infliction among another opponent, and also extract information. The technique leaves the victims, dazed and weak. If the users chakra is really high than the victim will lose it's soul and most likely die of loss of the soul and the damage done to the brain. The weaknesses affect the user the most, his/her chakra will drop drastically and if overused the user will die easily, in some cases the user becomes dazed and does not speak, losing all feelings and a tiny part of their souls.

    How will your character awaken this dōjutsu?: Kenshi was on the run once again, and had been chased by a group of leaf shinobi. Kenshi was running and kept on moving knowing that stopping would result in his death. Kenshi battled for hours and kept his eyes focused on the battle and knew one mistake and he was screwed. The leaf shinobi doubled and he fought with all his heart and killed one but they outnumbered him and injured him. A kunai flew into the air and split into 20 and each hit the leaf shinobi in their upper chest area, killing only 10 left with another 10. Kenshi was left with no option and had to use his ultimate fire technique blazing the enitre forests. The shinobi survived of course because of Kenshi's inexperience.

    Kenshi ran and went through 2 villages, and more shinobi joined the hunt. His mentor and sensei; Hermit Kazuko, had came in and began to help him. They fought off many, Sand ninja and kept running. Eventually they grew tired, but the leader of Takagakure, came and with his top guards, the ANBU's best and a few assasains. Kenshi was clearly outnumbered and began to tire, he slowed down and his chakra did to. Kenshi did not call on his reserve energy because he thought it be a waste, so his sensei battled bravely along with him. They took down all of the Sand's Shinobi and had to deal with the leaf. Also the Takagakure, ANBU and elite Assasains. Kenshi slowed down in the middle of the land of fire and in a training area. Kazuko told, Kenshi to go and that he would see him later on in life. Kazuko died and harshly, Takagakure's ANBU and Assasains cutting him violently down.

    Kenshi became angered and released his reserve chakra, which was considerably high and released a hidden technique. He blew away all of the leaf shinobi and used an expansion technique, which severly injured the leaf shinobi. The Takagakure, ANBU and Assasains came at him in full force and he blew them away with such ferocity that the area deepened and the ground was covered in grime.  Kenshi was traumatized and finally gave up on redemption.

    Being an Uchiha, and possesing some blood of the Senju Clan, guessed to be through his mother, Kenshi was eventually able to awaken the Rinnegan. Though it is not known how exactly he awakened the Rinnegan, it is known that he had awakened it by the time he had found a new hideout and began a new training regimen.

    Do they meet all the canon requirements?: Yes

    How do they meet canon requirements?: Kenshi is not a vengeful person in truth and is the exact opposite,being kind and caring, also being sarcastic and high comical, he also has a lust for power and regardless of his kind hearted and nice personality, he will do whatever is needed in order to obtain that power. Overall, Kenshi is not the best and lacking some of the abilities needed in order to be powerful, which is were the Rinnegan comes into play. It also allows him to develop as a human being and his transition into a mature person.

    Briefly but in detail explain what the Rinnegan will do for your character if approved: Kenshi's weakness for power, will be fullfilled with the addition of the Rinnegan and will began his transition into a better person and hopefully erase his lust for power which makes, Kenshi evil but only at times. Overall it will make him a matured and persevering character, that can erase his former troubles.

    How will the character improve and utilize the Rinnegan rather than copying canon users?: Unlike others, Kenshi has no intentions of hurting a whole group of people, Kenshi will actually use it to be more of a vigilante and save people, although he does have an agenda of his owns. Different, from, Madara and Tobi, Nagato. He truly has no plans for evil, and states, " It's purely for self-defense".

    What is your complete reasoning wanting the Rinnegan?: As a beginner in role-playing, I believe this tough role will drastically improve my skills and also test me, using an important job; such as the Rinnegan. I also want, Kenshi to become my main character and develop into a prominent young man. And hopefully into a great main character, and a protagonist.

    Which path do you favor to use the most?:  Human Path

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    Boredfan1 closed this thread because:
    Application resolved. Decision: Denied.
    19:10, February 22, 2014
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