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Memory Notebook
Name Memory Notebook
Kanji 記憶手帳
Literal English Memory Notebook
Rank C
Type Supplementary
Classification Fūinjutsu
User(s) Anjin Uzumaki

This fūinjutsu allows Anjin to store memories accumulated by Shadow Clones and other types of information-gathering jutsu, to soften any impact of the memories' sudden arrival. When he decides to use the technique actively instead of passively, he appears in a hallway in his mindscape that takes the appearance of a library. Each book details relative experiences, with the title on the binding revealing the memory's contents. When Anjin takes down a book and opens it, his mind assimilates these experiences. He can also utilize this technique on the recently deceased to go through their experiences. However, the technique is not strong enough to break through even the simplest of mental barriers, and a sufficiently strange mind can baffle the Memory Notebook.

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