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Maji Clan
Name Maji Clan
Kanji 蠱一味
Rōmaji Majiichimi
Literal English The Work Of Demons Clan
Other Name(s) Jūgo's Clan
Kekkei Genkai Sage Transformation

This clan is an unknown family, which originated from an unknown area. The members of this clan possess the innate ability to absorb natural energy (自然エネルギー, shizen enerugī) from their surroundings due to their special bodies. As a result of this unique capability and constitution, clan members can undergo various drastic physical alterations. However, the adverse effects of this energy result in sudden and uncontrollable surges of power, causing them to sporadically go berserk.

The only known member is Jūgo, who was said to have voluntarily gone to Orochimaru in the hopes that he could be cured of his fits of rage. According to Kabuto Yakushi, Orochimaru's subsequent investigations and experimentation allowed him to discover the origin of the clan's power at the Ryūchi Cave, where he and later Kabuto learned Sage Mode.


  • This is the first Canon Clan to be given a Fanon name due to it not having one.

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