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Magnet Release Icon Magnet Release: Magnetizing Barrier Technique
Name Magnet Release Icon Magnet Release: Magnetizing Barrier Technique
Rank B
Range Variating
Type Supplemental
Classification Kekkei Genkei, Hiden & Barrier Ninjutsu
Chakra Nature Magnet Release IconMagnet Release
Parent jutsu Magnet Release Icon Magnet Release: Hidden Magnetism Technique
User(s) Karura


Some time after Karura created the Magnet Release: Hidden Magnetism technique, she came to realize that the the extreme difficulty and chakra tax of using the technique makes it impractical at times to use. So she studied barriers and in secret, learned how to apply her Magnet Release to barriers, creating a method of magnetizing enemies secretly as they go through it without such a large drain on her.  However, this barrier is draws on the user's chakra whenever someone goes through it to magnetize enemies, transporting the chakra instantaneously over the distance.

The amount depends on how large and dense the thing that goes through as well as the number of things that go through at once. Small objects with low density require such a small amount of chakra that it is practically unnoticable however, high or medium density objects, however small, require a noticable amount of chakra though even a high density small object only amounts to a D ranked technique unless extremely dense then it is equal to either a C or B ranked technique. Medium sized objects depending on how big in the medium range it is will be equal to a D or C ranked technique, even without much of a density while large objects, like Humans are never below the amount of chakra required of C ranked techniques. Normally, this technique can only extend a max of sixty meters away from the user however, it can be extended through a lot of hard work and time to go father out but even Karura's barrier can only go eighty to a hundred meters away.

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