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This article, Magnet Release: Magnet Shuriken, is canon and uses Creative Commons licensed content from our mother site, Narutopedia's Magnet Release: Magnet Shuriken article.

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Magnet Release Icon Magnet Release: Magnet Shuriken
Magnet shuriken
Name Magnet Release Icon Magnet Release: Magnet Shuriken
Rank B
Range Mid-range
Type Offensive, Supplementary
Classification Ninjutsu, Kekkei Genkai
Chakra Nature Magnet Release Icon Magnet Release
Derived jutsu Magnet Release Icon Magnet Release: Detaching Blades Technique
User(s) Joshin


Utilising his Magnet Release kekkei genkai to magnetize a large quantity of shuriken, Toroi then throws them in the direction of his opponent. Any individual that comes into direct contact with these shuriken are themselves magnetised; as such, it is crucial that the opponent avoids all of them as even a single deflection will result in the production of a powerful magnetic field around their body. Once the person has been magnetised, Toroi can manipulate the magnetic field in such a manner as to make any subsequent attack using a metallic weapon impossible to evade.

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