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Magnet Release Icon Magnet Release: Hidden Magnetism Technique
Name Magnet Release Icon Magnet Release: Hidden Magnetism Technique
Rank A
Hand Seals None
Range All Ranges
Type Supplemental
Classification Chakra Flow & Kekkai Genkai
Chakra Nature Magnet Release Icon Magnet Release
Parent jutsu Magnet Release Icon Magnet Release: Magnet Shuriken
Derived jutsu Magnet Release: Magnetic Flight Technique
Magnet Release: Magnetic Field Technique
User(s) Karura


Through using chakra flow with Magnet Release, the user magnetizes everything the chakra comes into contact with instantly. This chakra can be expanded outwards like flowing water or sunk into the ground water does. The primary use of this is to magnetize enemies without them knowing it, giving the Magnet Release user an advantage over those unable to sense chakra. While it is a significantly powerful and useful technique, the full potential of it, that is flowing the chakra that has already left your body further away to magnetize more things or a larger area, is extremely difficult to do so due to the high level of concentration and chakra control necessary, not to mention the time consumed by the slow flow and how the larger the area, the more chakra is required. Keeping the chakra on the surface of the ground is one of the most difficult parts of this technique as it must be carefully made to remain in place or it will sink, a feat that even the creator, Karura has difficulty with however, it is a simple matter to lift the sunken chakra to the surface, requiring very little in time or effort.


  • This technique was developed by Karura to make up for her lack of skill in using weapons and to keep her enemies on edge.

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