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This article, Magnet Release: Hidden Barrier Technique, is the property of User:Na'Jorne.

Magnet Release: Hidden Barrier Technique
Name Magnet Release: Hidden Barrier Technique
Rank B-Rank
Hand Seals Ram → Horse → Technique Specific Seal
Range 5 Feet
Type Defensive
Classification Barrier Ninjutsu
Kekkei Genkai
Chakra Nature Magnet Release
User(s) Nobu Sarutobi


Once the user has made the necccary hand seals, an invisible barrier is created around the user. It normally spans about five feet unless they have increased the range through training. Once the barrier has been created, which is instant, the user can then control anything magnetic within the barrier itself.

The user can give it momentum, making the magnetic item be in rest for one second then have it be flying the next. This can be used to shoot projectiles from the barrier at enemies.

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