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Eight Tails With Killer Bee

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Affiliation Mount Tokage
Land of Lizards
Nature Type(s) Nature Icon WindWind Release
Nature Icon WaterWater Release
Earth ReleaseEarth Release
Fire ReleaseFire Release
Nature Icon LightningLightning Release


The Lizards have been around for thousands of years. Some of the great elders have even had the privilege of meeting the SO6P. The Lizards have a wide variety of techniques and are able to use all 5 basic natures. It also seems that people can only find them by trying to use the Summoning Technique without already having a contract signed. This means that the summoner would have an affinity to them.

Somewhere in the Lizards timeline, there was a war upon their land. Two factions of the Lizards have been arguing for hundreds of years before the war. They kept on arguing about how they should approach the outside world rather than stay within their own walls. One side wanted to use their abilities to expand their land and gain more power. As the other side didn't want to mess with the humans and help them instead of hurt them.

This argument caused a full out war between the two factions. The war had gone on for a few years, until the Great Elder had used a technique that had split the land in half with a barrier. This had saved the land from total destruction, and separating the two factions.

To this day, the two factions are still arguing but teach their own students. When someone would have an affinity to the Lizards, they would have an affinity to the Green or Red side. These sides relate to how you act. Green is more on the pure heart side, as Red is the more 'dark' side.

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