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Living World Veil
Name Living World Veil
Literal English Living World Veil
Rank S - S+
Type Supplemental
Classification Barrier Ninjutsu
Chakra Nature Yin-Yang Release


Probably one of the most taxing techniques in history, the Living World Veil Technique creates a new layer of the barrier around the world which prevents the dead from coming back at their leasure. The idea behind the creation of this technique was to create a new layer of the already existing barrier between the living word and netherworld that prevents souls of the dead from being summoned back to the living world however, many shinobi died in this attempt and concluded that it was impossible an intense amount of concentration and a level of chakra that is impossible even for someone like Naruto who is not only a Jinchuriki but a Sage. Instead, someone with chakra levels equal to a sage, Jinchuriki or Tailed beast can create a new layer in the veil which restricts the reanimation technique, such as not allowing the souls of people like Madara Uchiha from being called back or preventing those with kekkei genkai from being returned to the living world. Alone, this takes several days of intense concentration and leaves the person without chakra for weeks afterwards as the body needs to recover. It is believed though that if other shinobi help such a person or many shinobi without a vaste amount of chakra work together, the time can be significantly cut down depending on many factors such as chakra control, their ability to concentrate and build up chakra as well as the numbers. Theoretically, it would take no less than fifty shinobi without extreme amounts of chakra to pull this off however, only twenty are needed if someone with an extreme amount of chakra is participating, allowing it to be done within a few days.

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