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Living Extraction Technique
Name Living Extraction Technique
Rank S-Rank
Range Close
Classification Ninjutsu
Chakra Nature Yin-Yang Release
Parent jutsu Death Extraction Technique
User(s) Miki Kemono
This technique was created by the same elders of the Death Extraction Technique. They though that they could increase the technqiues power by removing the restiction of the victim having to be dead. Removing that restiction was able to give the Extraction technique so much more power. But it was no longer able to Extract full sized chakra's. Like the parent technique it creates an orb to store the chakra.

The technique is able to copy an opponets chakra. This means that the user can instantly absorb the chakra to use the same techniques as there opponets. This will only however last from One to Five turns. (Your turns, not opponets.)

If you were to kept the orb instead of absorbing it to can meditate with it. This allows you to focus on one aspect of the chakra. You can meditate to a nature that the victim had. This will take about two days for you to absorb it. After you do you have two choices.

Number One, you can make it a third or fourth nature, although if it is your fourth you will be terrible at it and the only way to make it so you could use techniques for it is by training in an rp. If you make it one of your normal three then you will be decent at it, but still need to rp to make it better. It will also become perminate. Meaning that you can NOT whatsoever

Number Two, you can pick up to three techniques to add to your character. You have to meditate for a day for three. So one would be 1/3 of a day. The downside's are, You can't absorb the techniques unless you have the correct nature for it, second downside is that you can NOT get rid of the technique to make space for another technique. This means that it will take a technique slot no matter what till death.

This technique also has a minor use and that is to absob Seals. You can use the seal or destroy it. Do as you please.

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