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Nature Icon LightningLightning Release Chakra Strings
Name Nature Icon LightningLightning Release Chakra Strings
Rank C
Hand Seals None
Range All
Type Offensive, defensive & Supplimental
Classification Ninjutsu & Chakra flow
Chakra Nature Nature Icon LightningLightning Release
Parent jutsu Chakra Threads
User(s) Kohaku


Because of the nature of both chakra strings and Lightning Release, this technique has limitless number of uses like the two things that make it up. The original way that Kohaku invented to use it was by sending electricity thanks to her Lightning Release from her finger tips across the chakra strings and at whatever was attached to her chakra strings or were touching what was touching her chakra strings.

For example, an enemy who had binded her puppet so it could no longer move with a tool and is touching the tool would find the electricity go from the chakra strings, to the puppet and then directed across the length of the enemy tool and electrify them. The only way to identify the electrical surge is the small crack and spark of electricity that happens when it is changing from one thing to the next however, it won't normally damage that thing unless it either has a chakra system, is an electrical device or otherwise has a nervous system. Depending on the power and skill demestated by the technique's user, it has five main effects. The first is to short circuit the nervous system of the opponent so they can't move their body properly or otherwise with great difficulty. The second use is to short circuit the chakra system of the enemy so that chakra doesn't flow properly throughout the user's body, causing it to be difficult to build up or use chakra. Finally, the user can simply use it to cause pain, burns and or paralysation to give the user an advantage over the enemy.

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