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Lightning Release Black Armour
Name Lightning Release Black Armour
Kanji 雷遁の 黒鎧
Literal English Lightning Release Black Armour
Range Short Range
Type Ninjutsu, Chakra Flow
Classification Supplementary, Defensive
Chakra Nature Lighting Release
Parent jutsu Lightning Release Armour
Black Lightning
User(s) Kaizen

This technique was created by Kaizen, using the same concept as the Lightning Release Armour, Kaizen only changes one thing in this Armour, and that is the lightning. Instead of using regular lightning, Kaizen uses Black Lightning, and since black lightning is stronger than regular lightning, this Armour is stronger, it makes Kaizen faster, and increases his reflexes more. But the downfall is that since it is black lightning, it uses a bunch of chakra, the longest Kaizen can stay in this technique is 7 minutes at the most.

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