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Lightning Release: Vibration of 1000 Earthquakes
Name Lightning Release: Vibration of 1000 Earthquakes
Rank B-Rank
Range Short Range
Type Ninjutsu
Classification Supplementary
Chakra Nature Lightning Release
User(s) Hizashi Senju

This technique was created by Hizashi Senju, first causing a spark of lightning to come from his body, Hizashi funnels lightning chakra into nervous system and sets off the signal to shiver. Enhanced by Lightning Release chakra, those shivers turn into vibrations all around his body. He can control the vibrations to be greater in certain parts of his body for different reasons. For example if he was somehow tied up, he can make the vibrations be larger in the area he is tied up in and cut the rope. The reason he is able to use this technique in a cutting tool fashion is because he has a thin outline of chakra around his body, that is invisible to the natural eye. His vibrations in his nerves causes the chakra that outline his body to vibrate as well. So when he wants he can make the chakra outline sharper in one area by increasing vibration in that area.

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