Eight Tails With Killer Bee

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Lightning Release: Shock Canon
Name Lightning Release: Shock Canon
Other Name(s) Lightning Style: Electric Canon Jutsu
Rank B-Rank
Hand Seals Snake, Dragon, Ram, Left hand on right forearm
Range Long
Type Offensive
Chakra Nature Lightning Release
Derived jutsu Lightning Water Release: Mega Canon Technique
User(s) Hiroshi

After the user makes the neccecary hand seals he/she would need to place their left hand on their right forearm. The user then needs to focus their chakra into their palm and form it into an orb that will lay apon his/her palm. Once the user has focus it into an orb they can disrupt the orb of chakra then it will shoot out a beam of lightning. The user can decide how much power goes into the blast, this is so they can have options.

  1. To kill the opponet with a full force attack.
  2. To knock the opponet out.
  3. To imobilize the opponet.

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