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Lightning Release: Lightning Lash
Lightning whip by sunrobot-d481ls7
Lightning Lash
Name Lightning Release: Lightning Lash
Literal English Lightning Style: Bolt
Rank D-C
Hand Seals Simply focus chakra into a sword
Range Mid-to-Long Ranged
Type Nature Icon Lightning Lightning Release
Classification Ninjutsu, Chakra Flow
Chakra Nature Nature Icon Lightning Lightning Release
User(s) Haruki Jiro

Haruki Jiro can focus lightning-natured chakra into his sword, only to release it in the form of a small bolt of lightning. Should anyone be struck by this technique, paralysis and numbness would take place, along with a strong tingling sensation overwhelming the body. This technique has enough potential to release a stream of lightning, if more chakra is focused into the creation of this technique.

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