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Lightning Release: Lightning Armor
Name Lightning Release: Lightning Armor
Kanji ライトニングアーマー
Literal English Lightning Armor
Rank A-Rank
Range Short Range
Type Defensive
Classification Ninjutsu
Chakra Nature Lightning Release
Parent jutsu Lightning Release Armour
User(s) Hayao
Hiroshi Kenza

This technique was created by Hayao and uses Lightning Release. Hayao surges lightning through out his entire body and from there can use it as a defensive weapon. If an opponent gets too close to him, the lightning shocks the person and stuns them for Hayao to strike them down. He can use this in correlation with his swift release also. It also enhances Hayao's reflexes and sensory skill, for a better defense.

For example, if a person or object was about 3 feet away, his lightnig would sense it and his body would react by sending a signal to his brain directly. Another example is if a person is about to stab him from behind, he could make lightning go directly into the person's nervous system without harming them or them being able to sense it, and Hayao can tell what they are about to do. The limit that the lightning can sense things is about 5 and a half feel away.

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