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Lightning Release: Konyubi
Name Lightning Release: Konyubi
Literal English Lightning Release: Konyubi
Rank S-Rank
Range Short to Long Range
Type Offensive, Defensive
Classification Ninjutsu
Chakra Nature Nature Icon Lightning Lightning Release
Parent jutsu Konyubi
User(s) Itsuki Mori


Lightning Release is a variant of Konyubi mixed with Lightning nature. The lightning allows each cut to be more effective than the normal Konyubi. The Lightning also increases its range by an entire three inches, making the technique an entire six inches long.


Once Itsuki Mori flows his Lightning Chakra into the cone, it will than become yellow and increase in size. When a cut in made, Lightning Chakra will insert itself into the victim as pure electricity. The electricity will make the victim flinch at first due to the electricity attacking the muscles mostly but also adds even more pain due to the shock of it.

Each cut, depending on its depth, will add more and more Lightning Chakra. The more chakra that has been inserted into the victim the more their muscles will be attacked. It can even get to a point where some of the users muscles will be paralyzed, like an arm or leg. But, if enough Lightning where to enter the victims system then it can cause serious and permanent muscle damage that not even Medical Ninjutsu could fix. It could also permanently paralyze the victim for certain muscles, such as the Arm or Leg or even the Torso.

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