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Lightning Release: Heart Pump Barrier Technique
Name Lightning Release: Heart Pump Barrier Technique
Rank B-Rank
Hand Seals Bird
Range Self Range
Type Defensive, Supplementary
Classification Ninjutsu
Barrier Ninjutsu
Partial Kinjutsu
Chakra Nature Lightning Release
User(s) Akio Naga
Aimi Naga

Akio created this technique to counter other techniques that could be a hassle to him. He later then passed the technique to his daughter, Aimi.


Once the user makes the hand seal, their heart will beat out a pulse of chakra outward to make a barrier. The barrier will cancel out any technique that effects themselves, such as a Fūinjutsu that was placed on their body. It will also cancel out any technique that would be inserting any type of chakra into or around their body. It will also protect them from that same type of technique for five minuets.

This also has a downside that comes with an upside. The downside, the heart will pound faster for five minutes. While it's pounding faster, the user cannot use this technique or any like it for five minutes. If they do use this technique within the five minuets, their body will result in a heart attack.

The upside, as the users heart is pounding faster, their reflexives are increased for about the first three minuets after the technique was used. This is because of the adrenaline produced by the fast beating heart.

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