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Nature Icon LightningLightning Canon Technique
Name Nature Icon LightningLightning Canon Technique
Rank C
Hand Seals None
Range Long
Type Offensive
Classification Ninjutsu & Chakra Flow
Chakra Nature Nature Icon LightningLightning Release
Parent jutsu Nature Icon LightningLightning Release Chakra Strings
User(s) Kohaku


By focusing the electrical surge from the Lightning Release Chakra Strings to the puppet's mouth and creating a condensed form for the blast, the user can unleash it from the puppet's mouth at a high speed which is hard for most to dodge. This blast can paralyse victims, create burns of variating degrees depending on the power and knock those in the way either to the ground or whatever direction the blast is headed for several feet depending on the blast's power. Other effects are random at best and vary greatly so depending on these side effects are a waste of time and effort.

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