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Lightning Arrows
Name Lightning Arrows
Kanji 雷の矢
Literal English Lightning Arrows
Hand Seals Release Hand Sign
Range Mid to Long Range
Type Ninjutsu
Classification Offensive
User(s) Anku

Lightning Arrows are tools used and made by Anku. By infusing Lightning Release chakra into his arrows, Anku is able to make the arrows move faster and have more destructive force to them. These arrows are able to go through wood, and even rock at times. If it hits a person, it will go through them, then emit lightning throughout the persons body causing greater damage.

Also another function of these arrows is that, they send off a small shock wave of static electricity throughout an area, these small waves can be felt by Anku if he is close enough, and if anything else is in the field of these waves, Anku can feel them as well.

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