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Light Sensing Technique
Name Light Sensing Technique
Rank D-Rank
Hand Seals Ram
Range Long Range
Type Ninjutsu
Classification Supplementary
User(s) Eren

This technique was created by Yoru, and then is used by Eren after Yoru Sealed the Yang Release portion of his chakra into Eren. Light Sensing Technique is a technique that senses life force by sending out an invisible wave of light. The light burst out around the user in a dome shape, then it travels in all directions except below, the pace at which the light moves is light speed. Whatever has life, this technique can detect it, it transmit back to the users mind as whatever it detects. For example, if it detects grass, the users' mind would know the feeling of grass and identify it. If it's a human the mind will know the feeling and detect the life force of that human.

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