Life Force Sniffing Technique
Name Life Force Sniffing Technique
Rank D-Rank
Range Long Range
Type Ninjutsu
Classification Supplementary
User(s) Mutsuo

This article, Life Force Sniffing Technique, is the property of iSavage.

This technique was created by Yoru, when he sealed himself and the Yang Release portion of his chakra into Mutsuo, he was able to use this technique. The user of this technique must have Yang Release as a chakra nature to use this technique. Life Force Sniffing Technique sniffs out the life force of something living, whether its a person, animal, plant or some other living thing. The user can distinguish a plant from a human because with this technique the user also can sniff the scent of what ever life force they are sniffing out. This technique is useful for sniffing out someone who is hiding, masking their scent, or masking their chakra. This technique uses little chakra which makes it a D-Rank technique.

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