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Lava Release: Lava Prison
Name Lava Release: Lava Prison
Other Name(s) Lava Style: Lava Prison
Rank B
Range Close Range
Type Defensive
Chakra Nature [Fire Release]], Earth Release
Parent jutsu Lava Release
User(s) Kensei Koshiharu

Lava Release:  Lava Prison is a Lava Release technique used by Kensei Koshiharu


This technique is similar to the Water Prison Technique.  Kensei will form a circular prison of Lava around an enemy, temporarily trapping them.  Many of the same rules that Water Prison has.  Although it's very durable, it's not invincible, and can be destroyed.  Kensei can also summon many at once, but he has to summon a Lava Clone to keep each one active, and each clone has to be constantly attached to each prison.  The main Kensei, although he can go off and fight somewhere else, doe shave to remain close enough to the prisons in order to keep them active.  The only major difference in ability from this technique and the Water Prison Technique is that it's much more durable than the former technique. 

Known UsersEdit

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