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The Land of Lizards is one of the more weaker countries but holds a military power of multiple Kekkei Genkai users. Even those who have special abilities that are known to be taboo, such as Ice Release of the Yuki Clan. At the current moment, the Daimyo is the Head Ninja of Karasugakure. Those who are born here 

Land of Crows

Highlighted area is the Land of Lizards.

have no certain affinity to a certain nature because the land had been populated by people around the Ninja World. However, those who learn the Summoning Technique will normally have an affinity to the Lizards.

The land is located between Takigakure's unknown land and the Land of Sound. Its only big land mark that doesn't include Karasugakure is the Mountains' Graveyard which has been cleaned out and had gotten rid of the secret hideout to show that they had no affiliations with Madara Uchiha.







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