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The Land of Caves (Yagura no Sato) is a large land bordering the Land of Stone.  It used to be part of the Land of Stone, but earned it's independence after the Second Great Shinobi World War.  It's a land that is littered with caves of varying shapes and sizes, hence it's name, and despite being independent, still deals with trading with not only the Land of Stone, but also the Land of Earth, and it's leader, the Cave Lord, Shuhei Kawakami, is not only the best friend of the lord of the Land of Woods, but also the brother of the Lord of the Land of Frost, Shigekuni Kawakami, and the father of a member of the Band of the Hawk, Shuske Kawakami.  Although possessing their own ninja, the Land of Caves usually prefers to remain out of all foreign affairs; in the time they've been independent, they've only been involved in one official war.  In order to maintain pleasant relations with foreign powers, the lord will often travel to other nations to visit the lord of that nation, and perhaps even the Kage or other such leader of their hidden village.  It has many notable locations, including it's hidden village, Yaguragakure (Village Hidden In Caves). 


The Land of Caves used to be a part of the Land of Stone, which came into existance sometime shortly before the Second Great Shinobi World War.   After the war, due to many disputes within the land, a small civil war broke out.  The side that would soon become known as the Land of Caves won their independence, and broke apart from the Land of Stone.  They then chose a lord among the strongest and wisest of their citizens, in which the Kawakami Clan has always ruled. 




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Yaguragakure is the hidden village in the Land of Caves, at the exact center of it, and takes up 56 precent of the country itself.  It holds three of the five great caves, one housing the leader of the village, Sotaro Kawakami, the nephew of the lord of the land, Shuske Kawakami.  The second great cave in the village is a place of tourism shwoing the history of the village itself, and the third and final great cave int eh village is the Yagura Academy.  There's also an underground prison beneath the leader's mansion cave, which, despite the land's mostly low tech nature, has extremely tight security. 

Yagura AcademyEdit

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Yagura Academy, which is inside of one of the Great Caves in Yaguragakure, is the ninja academy in the country.  It's organized very similarly to the ninja academy in Konohagakure; however, due to their more lenient methods of training, they graduate noticeably more Genin than Konoha does. 

Yaguragakure Leader's MansionEdit

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The head of Yaguragakure, Sotaro Kawakami, has his own mansion in the center of Yaguragakure, which is one of the Five Great Caves. 

Four Great CavesEdit

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South Great CaveEdit

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North Great CaveEdit

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East Great CaveEdit

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West Great CaveEdit

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Cave Daimyo's MansionEdit

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