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Kyōkan Branch
Name Kyōkan Branch
Kanji 共感枝
Literal English Empathy Branch
Other Name(s) Emotion Branch
Rank Unknown
Type Supplementary
Classification Ninjutsu, Kekkei Genkai
Chakra Nature Sixth Sense


Those who possess the abilities of this branch have the power of empathy, the ability to sense the emotions of others and use those feelings to understand the person who is feeling the emotion the user is picking up. There are many uses for this branch, including interregation, comforting friends and allies as well as generation manipulation among other things. Through intense training, users can learn how to control how much the feelings of others effect them, allowing them to prevent the strong feelings of fear, anger and hatred for example from overwhelming the empath.

Adept empaths are even able to reconize the unique signature of each person's emotions, allowing them to for example find a person in a large crowd by locating the general direction they are in and heading that way, noticing that the emotions of that person getting stronger within the empath until they locate the person.

The final ability of the empath is to identify when an emotion is tied to an object which every trainee learns how to do however, adept users can then familiarize themselves with the unique signature of the emotion for tracking down the person or other purposes however, only a master can identify how long ago the emotion was attached to the object.   

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