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Kuran Clan
Name Kuran Clan
Kanji 多目クラン
Literal English Weapon Clan
Members Hotaru Kuran
Kekkei Genkai Taryōgan
Jutsu N/A

The Kuran Clan is a clan that was around during the Warning States Period, the clan was a relatively peaceful clan, and only fought unless they had to. When the clans started to form alliances and build villages, the Kuran Clan didn't align with anyone, so they just stayed as a neutral clan. Then as the wars still raged, the clan moved out of the lands into different territory, thats where they first found out about how to obtain their kekkei genkai, the Taryōgan. As time passed, they went back into the 5 great lands and occupied in the Land of Lightning.


The clan are good with weapons, they carry scrolls of weapons and other equipment, its like they are an armory. With their kekkei genkai, they can use their weapons to even more effective ways.

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