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Kumiko Kurosawa
Kumiko Kurosawa
Name Kumiko Kurosawa
Kanji 久美子
Personal Status
Birthdate October 23rd
Age 1,033
Gender Female
Height 5"6
Weight 126
Blood Type B positive
Hometown Unknown
Home Country Unknown
Clan Kurosawa Clan
Occupation Shinobi
Previous Occupation ?????
Family Unknown
Rank Jonin
Ninja Registration Unknown
Kekkei Genkai None
Tailed Beasts None
Nature Type Yin-YangYang Release
Yin-YangYin-Yang Release
Jutsu Life Leech Technique
Body Replacement Technique
Transformation Technique
Total Mimicry Technique
Vampyric Seal
Weapons Katana x1
Shuriken x8
Kunai x15


Pre-Role PlaysEdit

Kumiko Kurosawa is a shinobi that was born a thousand years ago to the now extinct Kurosawa clan, thirty three years before the destruction of her clan. She started training to be a shinobi at the age of fve and was immediately recognized as a prodigy with more chakra than most shinobi have. However, at the age of ten, her training and peaceful life was disrupted when her entire clan uped and moved to a secret village out of fear of being wiped out in the next attack. There, she honed her skills and lived many happy years in peace as one of her village's elite shinobi but it could not last for her clan's secret village had been discovered and an all out attack was waged on the village by multiple clans who dispised the Kurosawa clan for stealing their hidden techniques. The vanguard of the attack were led by the Inuzuka clan. The Kurosawa clan tried to fight back and to flee but neither was possible and it was a bloodbath. Kumiko does know exactly how she managed to get out of there alive, only that she found an artifact of her clan lying in the street and woke up far from home, all alone. It wasn't long before she learned that she was the only survivor and swore revenge on those who destroyed everything she had known. Six months later, shinobi from the clans that had destroyed Kurosawa started to disappear and when they were found, they were dead without any wounds, as if the life had been sucked right out of them. When sighting were finally made, those that witnessed the event said they saw a young women sucking the life out of her victim as a gas that came out of the victim's mouth and nose. She became known as the mistress of death and eternal life, a demon. One day, sightings stopped and people stopped appearing dead with the life sucked out of them. She had completely disappeared but every once in a while, when all thought she was only a legend, someone would once again appear dead with the life sucked out of them as to say "I am no legend, I am real". In modern times, her legend is one of the most frightening and ancient for no one knows where she is now or what happened to her.

Since Beginning RoleplayingEdit



Nindō (Incomplete)Edit







  • Kumiko is derived from 久 (ku) meaning "long time" 美 (mi) meaning "beautiful" and 子 (ko) meaning "child".
  • Kurosawa means  "black swamp", derived from from the prefix kuro, meaning "black", and sawa meaning "swamp".

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