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Koi Clan

Koi Ichizoku
Name Koi Clan
Kanji 鯉一族
Rōmaji Koi Ichizoku
Literal English Koi Clan
Other Name(s) Royal Koi Family
Members Nori Koi
Affiliation Konohagakure
Kekkei Genkai Kagamigan

The Koi Clan (鯉一族) is a noble family of Konohagakure. While the clan does posses its own brand of hidden jutsu, only members born into the clan every ten generations enter the world with the Kagamigan, a kekkei genaki that grants the wielder the ability to cast realistic illusions on air, gives the user a broader field of vision and the strange ability to see sound in the form of circular shockwaves.

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