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Kiyō Clan
Name Kiyō Clan
Kanji 器用
Rōmaji Kiyō
Literal English Skillful Clan
Affiliation Land of Lightning
Uzumaki Clan
Kekkei Genkai None


The Kiyō Clan was settled near Kumogakure that had built up their reputation within, not just Kumo, but the whole Land of Lightning. They had developed their abilities through countless generations and have even developed hiden techniques that are only known within the clan.

The clan originated from the Uzumaki Clan. The elders didn't want to limit themselves to the Uzumaki's ways and decided to further their abilities. Once the elders of the Uzumaki found out about this, they banned the new 'cult' from the clan. The Kiyō Clan was forced to move far away from their homeland.

Moving place to place, not having a single home to live and stay, they had eventually found their way to Kumogakure. The clan had showed the First Raikage their amazing ability, instantly making the First interested in their unique ability that is somewhat rare. The Raikage had gave them permission to set up a small part of the village for their affairs, as long as they worked together.



The clan has showed that they have average chakra levels, depending on what age group they were to be in. They would be normal Ninja level for Chakra Levels.

Chakra ControlEdit

For some reason the clan has showed that they are a slight bit more advanced than other ninja. They aren't that advanced so they are at normal Ninja Ranks.


The clan doesn't have anything special within Taijutsu, as they can go up against most opponents but some would just overpower them. The clan has showed to have an extent of Strength that can seem to surpass that of normal Shinobi.


The clan's reflexes are much higher than most ninja. Members of the clan have been able to surpass almost all ninja that are in their ranking.


The clan's main ability are mostly around that of Bukijutsu, surpassing nearly all ninja. A Gennin can reach a High ranking Chunin within Bukijutsu at a very young age. They have obtain this through various of training and teaching their children what they had learn to that point. The clan is skilled within all that follow under Bukijutsu.


The clan has been known to not use Ninjutsu and stick to their Hidens and Bukijutsu. It's also very hard for them to use any type of Ninjutsu that doesn't focuses on Bukijutsu.


Since the members of the clan a direct descendants of the Uzumaki, they have natural ability within Fuinjutsu. The clan has used this by storing their more heavy weaponry, and not having to bear the encumbrance.


The clan has only been know to obtain Yin Release, Yang Release, and Yin-Yang Release. No one is quite sure why this happens, but they have gotten around the issue by creating hidens using these three natures.

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